Sunday, 16 May 2010

♥ New York Day 2 ♥

Day 2 started with me and Milly hailing down our first taxi and to our belief one stopped straight away...pure luck i say :) We were getting all excited and giddy as we were heading off to go on the SATC Tour ♥

The meeting location for the SATC Tour was at the Pulitzer Fountain outside the Plaza Hotel ♥

Our coach arrived and off we went....

First stop on the tour was the Pleasure Chest. Surprising enough it was absolutely manic inside so me and Milly had a quick browse and left all those Charlotte's inside and headed to shop next door to pick up some goodies for the ride...Hershey's/Reese's and crisps it was :)

Next stop was the Buddakan the Asian Fusion restaurant which is what you will all be familiar with as the location for Carrie and Big's pre wedding meal.

Up next was the best stop of all ♥
The Magnolia Bakery. Blooming amazing!

We were lucky enough to scoff our faces with one of the amazing cupcakes ♥

Last stop was Scout Aidan and Steve's Bar

Cocktail time girlie's...hmmmm Cosmo's...they really ended the tour nicely!!

It was really so so much fun and amazing to see everything. Thank you so much Sleek for a truely amazing added treat to our trip in NYC!!

After the tour dropped us off we were next to Grand Central Station so we decided to pop inside quickly and be totally gobsmacked at how beautiful it is and totally puts 'Waterloo' to shame!!


Then we walked to the Rockefeller Centre to go to The Top Of The Rock to experience some amazing views.



Last treat of the day was literally a treat and a half. After having a mooch around Blooming dales we spotted the famous Dylan's Candy Bar mmmmm amazingness ♥ My mummy would have been in there alllllll day she lurrrrves sweeties :)

I do apologise that there is sooo many pictures in this post, we did so many amazing things is one day it just had to be lol! Hope you enjoyed this anyway! Up next an OOTD :)



  1. yum i love dylan's candy bar


  2. I'd love to do the SATC tour when I go. Looks ace! x

  3. Oh man, I would kill to do that tour! I cant believe Steve and Aiden's bar is on there :D

  4. Ahh Ive done the SATC tour, had so much fun! That shop is v. v. naughty....cupcakes to die for!

  5. oh wowwwww looks amazing! hope you had a great time :) love your outfit too xx

  6. I'm really enjoying these posts, I can't wait to visit NYC one day!

  7. Hmmmm cupcakes looksss yummmy!! =] So sunny over there, uk weather is crappy.. boo.. xx

  8. Looks like you had a super time yesterday babe :)
    Loving this outfit too
    lots of love to u both xxx

  9. It looks so amazing girls- so glad you had lovely weather too :)

  10. I'm so happy for you both! That's sooo exciting, I'd love to visit NYC! And your outfit is gorgeous, I love the flowery dress with the denim vest!


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