Thursday, 6 May 2010

Sleek Bloggers Event- I WON I WON I WON ♥

♥ Hello everyone ♥

So yesterday i had the most amazing day ever! Sleek MakeUp held a bloggers event at All Star Lanes in Brick Lane London and i was lucky enough to be invited. I had such a fun day meeting lots of new faces. We were greeted with some lovely cocktails then split off into 3 groups to learn how make up is made, look around and swatch some new and current products and also watch and learn lots of tips from the Sleek make up artist who was doing some make overs on bloggers.Throughout the day we were given some really delicious snacks which we all loved nibbling on of course. Sleek are releasing some really amazing and exciting new products for the summer so be sure to keep your eyes pealed for those ♥

The talk of the day was of course the BIG bowl off at the end of the day where a lucky blogger would win a once in a life time trip to the New York Make Up Show. We all got our gorgeous bowling shoes on which of course matched all of our outfits...not!! We got put back into our 3 groups who were all playing each other for the top 2 from each group to be put into the final. I was in the top 2 from my team with the lovely Shirley so it all got very intense and to be honest very scary as we all wanted to win.

To my complete surprise I WON I WON I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you tell i am suuuuuper excited :)
I haven't been bowling since i was a kid but i guess all those bowling parties i went to paid off haha! I was up against some really great girls so i just want to say a big well done to everyone!

So i guess you are all dying to know who i am taking with me as i had to choose another blogger to join me.

I will be taking the gorgeous Milly with me from
She is such a lovely person so i can't wait to spend the weekend with Milly in New York.

We set off next Saturday eeeeeeee sooo soon!

I literally couldn't sleep last night with excitement, i never win anything!!!

I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to the Sleek Team for holding one of the best blogger events, for being so friendly and for having a few exciting twists to the day!

As well as having the most amazing day and winning myself an amazing trip to New York we also walked away with lots of Sleek goodies ♥

We were also given a full set of professional Sleek make up brushes so expect a review on these brushes soon as they are very exclusive :)

Overall i had such a fun day, everyone looked gorgeous and i think its fair to say the day was a total success so once again a MASSIVE thank you to the Sleek Team ♥


  1. Congrats!!! That's amazing, have fun in NY :) xxx

  2. BIG congrats again! I am so sad I couldn't make it yesterday! It was too far for me to travel and I am skint. Sounds like you all had an amazing time :) xx

  3. Oh my gosssshh it sounds like you had the most amazing day!!
    Have a great time in New York!! xx

  4. Wow congratulation! i'm sure you'll have an incredible time :):)

    the sleek brushes look great you're so lucky.

    looking forward to a review and the release. a couple of my sigma brushes are on my way out so it would be nice to find a cheaper than mac but good quality replacement :) xx

  5. Wow, congrats!! Im so bad at bowling, plus Im a right weed with those bowling balls!!!

    Looks like a great day and those goodies look amazing. Well done! xx

  6. Congratulations, you lucky lady! Hope you and Millie have an amazing time xxx

  7. Well done, you definitely deserved to win with your super bowling skills! Have a great time in New York x

  8. Wowee, congrats :) looked such a fun event and wish I could've made it x

  9. WOW congratulations - have a fantastic time :)

  10. Oh my daysss lady! I still cannot believe we are off to NYC!!
    Total madness I tell you.
    Thank you so much chickpea for picking me!
    We are going to have an amazeballs time!
    Pinky promise

  11. Oh my goodness you lucky lucky girlies! I bet you're both so excited :) Hope you have a fantastic time and come back and tell us all about it! x

    ps. The love ring (the kinda knuckle-duster one) in your left hand side bar - where's it from?? IT MUST BE MINE!! xx

  12. ohmygod, that is so amazing, congrats!
    i want all those goodies :D
    bet the trip will be amazing xxxx

  13. BIG congrats! Make sure you both save all your pennies so you can go spending crazy in NYC! :)

    Looks like you all had a fab time...and those burgers look delish as well!

  14. Congrats!!!! You spent a great day and you won a trip :D It`s amazing!

  15. Congrats again!! looks like a great event :) xx

  16. This is amazing! Well done sweetie!

  17. Congratulations! That's awesome! You're so lucky =) Sounds like a great day.

  18. wow, congratulations! amazing prize xx

  19. CONGRATS! Have a fab time. The prize is amazing! Bet Milly is estatic! I'm a new follower btw - loving your blog <3


  20. Wow, what an amazin' prize! Bet you'll both have the best time, looking forward to a New York special blog post!!;)

  21. OMG Congratulations NEW YORK ? Amazing I am so happy for you and ALL the goodies LOOK FABULOUS! I can't wait for that Brushes Reviews I need me some AFFORDABLE quality ones.


  22. What an amazing prize! Can't wait to hear all about NYC!

  23. Wow! They have certainly upped the stakes there. A trip to NYC! :) Well done! x

  24. well done sweetheart, i hope you have an amazing time in new york!
    it looks like a great event to have been to as well :)

  25. OMG! How exciting! Congratulations!
    And all that free makeup too, you're so lucky! Be sure to have an AMAZING time and take lots of pictures so we live through you both :)

  26. Woweeeeee! How fricking exciting?!?! Have an amazing time, what a great prize! xx

  27. That must be the best prize in the world!! You are so lucky!

    You'll have an amazing time :)


  28. that's so exciting! congrats you'll love new york.


  29. Congratulations! That's such a cool achievement! I never knew Sleek made brushes BTW, so please do a review of them soon!

  30. Amazing!! That's so exciting that you're off to NY! Can't wait to hear all about it xoxo

  31. omgash congratulations on your trip! i hope you have lots of fun in NYC, you have to take lots and lots of pics and post them!

    im loving your blogposts. <3

  32. Congrats! That's the COOLEST thing ever :D

  33. congrats i was watching FleurDeforce's video on youtube she went.and she mentioned you won.well done


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