Tuesday, 29 June 2010

EOS-Organic Sphere Lip Balm!

When i headed out to the big NYC i had a little list of products stored in my head which i knew i wanted to find in the US drugstores, and this EOS Organic Lip Balm was one of them. I had heard soooo much hype over YouTube and blogs for this product i just had to get my hands on it so when i came across it in Walgreen's i was pretty pleased.

What EOS say:

To keep your lips looking and feeling healthy, eos created this 95% organic, 100% natural lip balm that's petrolatum & paraben free, just like you. Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing Shea butter and jojoba oil, eos keeps lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth.

I am a lip balm addict- i always always without fail have to have some sort of lip balm in my hand bag and also on my bed side table as i apply lip balm just before i go to bed. Now to have a "hands free" lip balm is great, no sticking grubby fingers into a small pot-it really does put me off using the lip balm. Another great thing is the packaging.. a sphere, bet its the first time you have seen a sphere shaped lip balm. It really does help you to apply the lip balm as you get a great grip. It also looks pretty cool to bring this out of your hand bag lol i have had sooo many questions asking what it actually is and when i say its a lip balm people are even more intrigued.

The EOS Organic Lip Balm comes in three different flavours, Summer Fruit(which is what i have) Honeysuckle&Honeydew and also Sweet Mint. They cost around $3.99 in the US however if you are in the UK then it is available HERE for £4.75. This lip balm is extremely moisturising as it contains Shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin e. I love applying this at night to find my lips super soft in the morning :) Its also tastes great as well *tehe* ♥

The Body Shop Baked To Last Blogger's Event ♥

So on Friday myself and lots of other gorgeous sun-kissed beauty blogger's were invited to view some exciting new The Body Shop products at an event held at The Westbury Hotel, Mayfair London. The event was in a stunning suite which had amazing views over London. We were greeted with lots of yummy food and cupcakes which you could also decorate yourself :) 

The lovely ladies from The Body Shop and Head stream were extremely welcoming and were happy to answer any questions we had! 

The event started with a small presentation about a few up and coming key products.

The most exciting new products are the eco-friendly shampoo and conditioners meaning these products do not contain any parabens, silicones or colourants. Sounds perfect hey?! I can't wait to get my grubby mitts on these perfectious shampoo and conditioners. My hair needs a desperate eco-friendly lift me up.

As well as the shampoos and conditioners they are also introducing a hair butter. I am sure you are all aware of the body butters that The Body Shop are pretty much know for? They smell scrumptious right? Well so does the hair butter, i am extremely excited about this new eco-friendly hair butter. The name just draws me in!!

Next up is the new and improved Vitamin C range. The Vitamin C range is huuuge in The Body Shop and i am a big fan of the products myself and to see they have added some really exciting new products to the range i couldn't quite contain myself *tehe*


The new line up is♥

Facial Radiance Powder Mix
Vitamin C Microdermabrasion
Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo

For me the most exciting is the Facial Radiance Powder Mix. This product you use for 10 days so be expecting a review soon :)

Have you ever seen a lipstick made with 100% food grade ingredients?

Well you have now!!

The Body Shop are releasing 4 Tinted Lip Balms in some delicious flavours and 8 Sheer Lip Colours. All of which smell and taste Divine.

Following on from that we learnt that the average lady consumes 4 lbs worth of lipstick, which is 281 lipsticks in our lifetime(just from licking your lips when you have applied lipstick) Crazy huh?!

Now i bet you are all wondering why this event was called The Body Shop Baked To Last event?

Well Chase Ashton an international make-up artist introduced us to the new Baked To Last products which include 2 bronzers 2 blusher and 8 eyeshadow duo's


Chase shared with us some tips on how to use these products wet and also how to create a sun kissed natural look.

The weather was so gorgeous so after the presentation we headed out onto the balcony to soak up some sun ♥

Here are the lovely ladies Zoe, Caroline and Nicola

As we left the event we were handed a very generous goody bag. I am loving trying all of these products out so expect some reviews soon girlie's ♥

A huge Thank You to the lovely Natalie from Head Stream for inviting me to this event and also the lovely ladies from The Body Shop.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Body Shop Blogger's Event OOTD

Well Well Well...What are England like hey?!? Lets just forget about it now Lol!

So on Friday i was lucky enough to be invited to The Body Shop Blogger's Event so i thought i would share with you my outfit for the day ♥

Maxi Dress- Accessorize/Monsoon
Peach Denim Waistcoat- Topshop
Bag- New Look
Watch- Sekonda
Sunglasses- NYC

Full review and pictures of the day will follow ♥



♥ Aussie Volume Party ♥

Hello Sunshine's :)

As you may or may not know i am an Aussie Angel and i am part of the Aussie Volume Tribe. So on Thursday night me and my best friend Becky headed of to London for the Aussie Volume Party :)

The theme of the party was the 60's so the evening was about having a sing song to some 60's music and of course getting our hair styled into a 60's beehive :)

The picture below shows myself and Becky before we had our hair re styled!

After lots of backcombing, hair spray and Velcro rollers this is how we looked after ♥
I wanted an "up do" and to be taught how to create a huuuge beehive *tehe* and Becky wanted to learn how to use Velcro rollers to create all over volume :)

The hair stylists were such sweethearts and made our hair look totally amazing...i really didn't want to go to bed Thursday night as i didn't want to flatten my beehive Lol!

Throughout the night we had some entertainment from the gorgeous Shola K who got us all up singing and dancing to lots of Motown music ♥ Shola was such an amazing singer..she really got the party started!

Although there was lots of cocktails flowing(watermelon and vodka) even after a drink I'm not one for singing so all the other gorgeous girls jumped up on stage for a sing song...even the Aussie girls had a sing for us :) Was excellent girlie's ♥

Aussie are extremely creative with the events they hold and i had such a blast sipping cocktails and enjoying the 60's music with all the lovely girls and Becky. It was so lovely for my best friend to experience and event and see what we really get up to *tehe*

So of course i had to do and OOTN for you all ♥

Dress- Primark
Sequin Blazer- H&M Spied from Millys Blog ♥
Leggings- Topshop
Sandals- Primark
Louis Vuitton Bag
Bike Necklace- Accesorize
Bangles- Primark

Becky's OOTN

Top- H&M
Blazer- Primark
Leggings- New Look
Boots- New Look
Necklace- H&M

I had such a fun night and would like to say a HUGE thank you to Emma and the team for holding such an amazing and creative event!

We were given some goodies as we left so i will be sharing those with you in a different post :)

If you would like to know who else is in the Aussie Volume Tribe then go check out their blogs

Lots of 60's Love Sophie&Becky ♥


Sunday, 13 June 2010

♥John Frieda Go Blonder♥

Hello my sun kissed Sunshine's!
I know, i know 3 hair product posts in one day :) Please forgive..i need to catch up with quite a few posts and thought i would get the hair products out the way first ♥

♥John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Shampoo and Conditioner♥

Now i was sent a small travel/sample size of this shampoo and conditioner from a pr company. This was back when i didn't have highlights in my hair. So i gave my mummy the opportunity to try the shampoo and conditioner out as she has a lovely highlighted barnet *tehe* She used it the once and with the first use noticed a huuuge difference in her highlights..now i promise i didn't just get highlights so i could try this shampoo and conditioner out haha!!

After my first session with my hairdresser my highlights weren't as bright and golden as i wanted them, however i expected that as i knew it was going to take a few sessions in the chair to get my perfect Audrina Patridge locks :) So i thought what a perfect chance to try out the John Frieda Go Blonder.

John Freida say the shampoo gradually lightens blonde for a sun kissed sparkle♥ Gently lightens natural, colour treated and highlighted blonde hair. They also say the conditioner replenishes moisture to natural and colour treated blonde hair.

I have to admit i was a bit sceptical at first as i really wasn't sure of the out come and didn't know if i was going to totally ruin my gorgeous highlights that i had just had done. So away i went i used up the last of the travel size that i was sent and lets just say whilst in tescos today i picked up my 4th bottle of the shampoo...conditioner lasts me alot longer so I'm only on 2nd for that. This is now my go to shampoo and conditioner. After the first use i literally just sat admiring my locks in the mirror i couldn't believe that a shampoo and conditioner could change my highlights so much in just one use. It totally lifted the slightly red tones to my highlights and made them much much blonder..i kept running my fingers through my hair in dis belief that i actually had really nice real blonde highlights in my hair all of a sudden. With citrus and chamomile extracts in the shampoo and conditioner i absolutely love the smell. Such a summer holiday scent. I really would 100% recommend this John Fried shampoo and conditioner to anyone who is looking to lift highlights or even their all over colour!!

Seeing as i was having such great results with this shampoo and conditioner i couldn't help but have a thought in the back of my mind that it wasn't doing my hair any favours and maybe it was going to ruin the condition of my hair...hmmm I'm not tooo sure what i was thinking but i certainly thought i was doing a 'naughty' thing by using these products haha so i figured i should 'confess' to my hairdresser and find out if she thought i should stop using them. I was suuuper suuuuuuuuper happy when she said that its totally fine to be using this shampoo and conditioner and it's just almost like going out in the sun and the sun lifting my highlights slightly. I was concerned that it may have contained peroxide but it doesn't it just literally makes your highlights brighter. I'm sure you are all aware that highlights can go slightly dull after a while so this just lifts them back up again into their happy sparkle selves ♥

John Frieda products are usually always on offer in Boots or Superdrug so you can usually pick them up on a 2 for £10 offer or £5 each and i think they do retail normally at £5.60 something.

I really am so happy with these products and to know i have re purchased around 4 times really does mean something *tehe*

When i get my highlights/roots done i will take and before and after picture and post a seperate post so you can all see the results :)

*Schwarzkopf got2b Range*

Following on from my last post i have some more gorgeous Schwarzkopf products to tell you about ♥
Now unfortunately i did purchase these products from NYC which means they are not available in the UK but i believe i did spy the Guardian Angel in Tescos so keep your eyes open girlie's whilst you are doing your weekly shop.

Anyhoooo onto the products!!

♥Schwarzkopf got2b Guardian Angel Blow Dry and Flat Iron Protector♥

What Schwarzkopf say...
Protect your sizzling styles with got2b Guardian Angel. With up to 220oc heat protection your hair will be invincible when using hot irons and blow dryers. So, go ahead and create your hot styles , now you can have your own guardian angel watching over you! Be devine and shine!

I use this on damp towel dried hair just before i blow dry my hair and also i spray a generous amount before i straighten my hair. I have always used a heat protectant and if this is available in Tescos then i will definitely  repurchase this one. It does smell quite musky and masculine but to be honest i really love it as its so different to most hair products its a bit different ♥ It states that this gives shine to the hair but i can't say i have seen much shine from this product which is why i love to use my Schwarzkopf Extreme Shine Spray.

♥Schwarzkopf got2b Smooth Operator *with cashmere*

What Schwarzkopf say..
Don't cheat your hair- give it the royal treat meant with the got2b smooth operator smoothing lustre lotion. This decadent lotion infused with luxurious cashmere, shapes, smooths, controls fly aways and imparts and amazing weightless lustre and softness. Helps the protect against damage from heat styling and contains a UV protectant.

I had spied this little beaut on a few blogs/youtube before i hit the states so i knew i had to find it somewhere in NYC!! I believe it was actually CVS i got it in but i could be totally wrong..me and Milly went to sooo many different drugstores tehe! Once again i use this on towel damp hair and on occasions i have used it on dry hair as my 'baby' hairs do like to be a bit static and fly away most days grrrr tres annoying!! Aren't you all totally drawn to this product because of the pretty packaging a cute charm?? Haha thought so! This smells absolutely devine such a mix of cakes and flowers if that is possible Lol! I just love smothering my hair in this. Such a silky soft feel makes you want to touch your hair all day long. Really this product has been a saviour for my fly away hairs, keeps them at bay all day long!

Both products cost around £3-4 (but please don't quote me on that one) also both are 200ml.

You can purchase the Smooth Operator from HERE

Overall i am suuuper impressed with Schwarzkopf as a brand and can't wait to try some more of their products ♥

Schwarzkopf Silhouette Ultimate Shine Extreme Gloss Spray WOW!!

Hey poppets♥
Sorry it's a long title but i got there in the end :)
As some of you may be aware i got my hair highlighted a couple of months ago. As much as i totally love it, it is true what everyone says about highlights you do really loose that gorgeous shine from true brunette luscious locks.
Well this is where i introduce Schwarzkopf Shine Extreme Gloss Spray.

What Schwarzkopf say:
Gives the hair a fascinating, radiant crystal like shine. The shine boost formula achieves and maintains extra luminosity and pure intense shine on the hair surface.

I have been using this product after every time i blow dry my hair, as some of you may experience when you blow dry your hair it can be drying for the hair so i spray some of this Extreme Gloss spray all over before i straighten my hair as it really locks the shine in. I also use this daily after i have styled my hair for the day...i don't use heat every day but i use this more like a normal hair spray to add volume and shine. It is in a large 300ml aresole can so please don't be put off  by this as the spray really isn't harsh it is an even mist. The best thing about this product is the smell, it just smells so salon fresh and every morning once i have used this i feel like i have just stepped out of the salon. Such a fruity truly scrumptious scent. With some shine sprays they really just make your hair appear greasy but you don't have to worry about it with this product it is just a true glossy shine. I love and use this product so much i wish it was available in a smaller hand bag friendly size so i could carry it around everywhere with me :)♥ 

If you would like to find out a bit more about the Schwarzkopf Silhouette Range then click HERE
To find your nearest stockist please contact Schwarzkopf Professional on 01296 314000
Schwarzkopf Silhouette Ultimate Shine Extreme Gloss Spray £3.75 Bargain Alert!!

FTC- Product received for review from the lovely PR Lisa ♥

Monday, 7 June 2010

*Sleek Pixie Pink Goodies*

*This is a loooong over due post so I'm really sorry*

Whilst at the amazing sleek event we were able to have a nosey around all Sleeks gorgeous products and do lots of swatching. Two products really caught my eye and obviously they are PINK!! I love any shade of pink lipstick or blush and these two products are such an amazing bright vivid pink they are nothing like i have in my collection so they had to be mine the following day ♥TeHe♥ 

Lipstick- Fuchsia
Such a gorgeous bright neon pink but a wearable neon...maybe not for the day but most definitely for the evening this colour will brighten up any neutral make up or neutral outfit and really make it *pop*
The consistency is really creamy and not drying at all. Its a really shiny lipstick so you don't need to wear a gloss over the top which is always a good thing!

Blush- Pixie Pink ♥ that name!
This blush may look really scary and again very neon but when applied lightly it gives such a lovely flush of bubblegum pink. It is buildable so can be worn during the day or the evening but i have been wearing this most days to work and it really gives you a barbie girl sheen ♥

Both products can be found HERE

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