Sunday, 27 June 2010

♥ Aussie Volume Party ♥

Hello Sunshine's :)

As you may or may not know i am an Aussie Angel and i am part of the Aussie Volume Tribe. So on Thursday night me and my best friend Becky headed of to London for the Aussie Volume Party :)

The theme of the party was the 60's so the evening was about having a sing song to some 60's music and of course getting our hair styled into a 60's beehive :)

The picture below shows myself and Becky before we had our hair re styled!

After lots of backcombing, hair spray and Velcro rollers this is how we looked after ♥
I wanted an "up do" and to be taught how to create a huuuge beehive *tehe* and Becky wanted to learn how to use Velcro rollers to create all over volume :)

The hair stylists were such sweethearts and made our hair look totally amazing...i really didn't want to go to bed Thursday night as i didn't want to flatten my beehive Lol!

Throughout the night we had some entertainment from the gorgeous Shola K who got us all up singing and dancing to lots of Motown music ♥ Shola was such an amazing singer..she really got the party started!

Although there was lots of cocktails flowing(watermelon and vodka) even after a drink I'm not one for singing so all the other gorgeous girls jumped up on stage for a sing song...even the Aussie girls had a sing for us :) Was excellent girlie's ♥

Aussie are extremely creative with the events they hold and i had such a blast sipping cocktails and enjoying the 60's music with all the lovely girls and Becky. It was so lovely for my best friend to experience and event and see what we really get up to *tehe*

So of course i had to do and OOTN for you all ♥

Dress- Primark
Sequin Blazer- H&M Spied from Millys Blog ♥
Leggings- Topshop
Sandals- Primark
Louis Vuitton Bag
Bike Necklace- Accesorize
Bangles- Primark

Becky's OOTN

Top- H&M
Blazer- Primark
Leggings- New Look
Boots- New Look
Necklace- H&M

I had such a fun night and would like to say a HUGE thank you to Emma and the team for holding such an amazing and creative event!

We were given some goodies as we left so i will be sharing those with you in a different post :)

If you would like to know who else is in the Aussie Volume Tribe then go check out their blogs

Lots of 60's Love Sophie&Becky ♥



  1. You looked gorgeous. Love the blazer and necklace <3

    Looks like it was a fun night! xx

  2. That sequin blazer is amazing, so pretty :D x

  3. They did an amazing job on the hair! Pretty <3
    Hope u had fun =] xx

  4. Looks like a fab event! Love your beehive!

  5. Yey, now i have my own blog i can comment. Was a brilliant evening, thank you so much for inviting me as your guest. Love the pics ♥

    ♥ Becky ♥


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