Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Body Shop Baked To Last Blogger's Event ♥

So on Friday myself and lots of other gorgeous sun-kissed beauty blogger's were invited to view some exciting new The Body Shop products at an event held at The Westbury Hotel, Mayfair London. The event was in a stunning suite which had amazing views over London. We were greeted with lots of yummy food and cupcakes which you could also decorate yourself :) 

The lovely ladies from The Body Shop and Head stream were extremely welcoming and were happy to answer any questions we had! 

The event started with a small presentation about a few up and coming key products.

The most exciting new products are the eco-friendly shampoo and conditioners meaning these products do not contain any parabens, silicones or colourants. Sounds perfect hey?! I can't wait to get my grubby mitts on these perfectious shampoo and conditioners. My hair needs a desperate eco-friendly lift me up.

As well as the shampoos and conditioners they are also introducing a hair butter. I am sure you are all aware of the body butters that The Body Shop are pretty much know for? They smell scrumptious right? Well so does the hair butter, i am extremely excited about this new eco-friendly hair butter. The name just draws me in!!

Next up is the new and improved Vitamin C range. The Vitamin C range is huuuge in The Body Shop and i am a big fan of the products myself and to see they have added some really exciting new products to the range i couldn't quite contain myself *tehe*


The new line up is♥

Facial Radiance Powder Mix
Vitamin C Microdermabrasion
Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo

For me the most exciting is the Facial Radiance Powder Mix. This product you use for 10 days so be expecting a review soon :)

Have you ever seen a lipstick made with 100% food grade ingredients?

Well you have now!!

The Body Shop are releasing 4 Tinted Lip Balms in some delicious flavours and 8 Sheer Lip Colours. All of which smell and taste Divine.

Following on from that we learnt that the average lady consumes 4 lbs worth of lipstick, which is 281 lipsticks in our lifetime(just from licking your lips when you have applied lipstick) Crazy huh?!

Now i bet you are all wondering why this event was called The Body Shop Baked To Last event?

Well Chase Ashton an international make-up artist introduced us to the new Baked To Last products which include 2 bronzers 2 blusher and 8 eyeshadow duo's


Chase shared with us some tips on how to use these products wet and also how to create a sun kissed natural look.

The weather was so gorgeous so after the presentation we headed out onto the balcony to soak up some sun ♥

Here are the lovely ladies Zoe, Caroline and Nicola

As we left the event we were handed a very generous goody bag. I am loving trying all of these products out so expect some reviews soon girlie's ♥

A huge Thank You to the lovely Natalie from Head Stream for inviting me to this event and also the lovely ladies from The Body Shop.


  1. Looks like a fabulous event! Those cupcakes looks very yummy :). I always over look The Body Shop makeup as to me it seems a tad over priced but maybe I should give it a go as those eyeshadows look gorg...not that I need any more shadows :D xx

  2. Such a cute event!! Everything looks so yummy!

    I love the products though, seen a couple of other bloggers posts who went and the e/s look fab on all the piccies!! Can't wait to get some! x

  3. Looks like tonnes of fun! I love the sound of the hair butter :)

  4. Those eyeshadows are beautiful.

  5. It all looks amazing!Cant wait for the reviews :) x

  6. looks like it was such a fabulous event! i love how everything is set up, so cute & girly :) all of these products actually sound really gorgeous!
    i think i'm going to try & stop licking my lips after i apply lippy hahaha ;D
    lovely post, looking forward to the reviews hun! xx

  7. Hi I pass the stylish blogger award to you

  8. Ahhhh look how glowing the back of my hair is hahaha!

  9. Fab event, can't wait to see your reviews!

  10. I went to The Body Shop yesterday and I saw those baked blushes. I was like WOW I NEED TO GET THOSE!! then I ended up buying some eyeshadows instead (not baked ones) But I will go back and buy the baked blushes... soo beautiful :)

    Take care sweetie
    hugs from Anna in Finland


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