Sunday, 13 June 2010

♥John Frieda Go Blonder♥

Hello my sun kissed Sunshine's!
I know, i know 3 hair product posts in one day :) Please forgive..i need to catch up with quite a few posts and thought i would get the hair products out the way first ♥

♥John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Shampoo and Conditioner♥

Now i was sent a small travel/sample size of this shampoo and conditioner from a pr company. This was back when i didn't have highlights in my hair. So i gave my mummy the opportunity to try the shampoo and conditioner out as she has a lovely highlighted barnet *tehe* She used it the once and with the first use noticed a huuuge difference in her i promise i didn't just get highlights so i could try this shampoo and conditioner out haha!!

After my first session with my hairdresser my highlights weren't as bright and golden as i wanted them, however i expected that as i knew it was going to take a few sessions in the chair to get my perfect Audrina Patridge locks :) So i thought what a perfect chance to try out the John Frieda Go Blonder.

John Freida say the shampoo gradually lightens blonde for a sun kissed sparkle♥ Gently lightens natural, colour treated and highlighted blonde hair. They also say the conditioner replenishes moisture to natural and colour treated blonde hair.

I have to admit i was a bit sceptical at first as i really wasn't sure of the out come and didn't know if i was going to totally ruin my gorgeous highlights that i had just had done. So away i went i used up the last of the travel size that i was sent and lets just say whilst in tescos today i picked up my 4th bottle of the shampoo...conditioner lasts me alot longer so I'm only on 2nd for that. This is now my go to shampoo and conditioner. After the first use i literally just sat admiring my locks in the mirror i couldn't believe that a shampoo and conditioner could change my highlights so much in just one use. It totally lifted the slightly red tones to my highlights and made them much much blonder..i kept running my fingers through my hair in dis belief that i actually had really nice real blonde highlights in my hair all of a sudden. With citrus and chamomile extracts in the shampoo and conditioner i absolutely love the smell. Such a summer holiday scent. I really would 100% recommend this John Fried shampoo and conditioner to anyone who is looking to lift highlights or even their all over colour!!

Seeing as i was having such great results with this shampoo and conditioner i couldn't help but have a thought in the back of my mind that it wasn't doing my hair any favours and maybe it was going to ruin the condition of my hair...hmmm I'm not tooo sure what i was thinking but i certainly thought i was doing a 'naughty' thing by using these products haha so i figured i should 'confess' to my hairdresser and find out if she thought i should stop using them. I was suuuper suuuuuuuuper happy when she said that its totally fine to be using this shampoo and conditioner and it's just almost like going out in the sun and the sun lifting my highlights slightly. I was concerned that it may have contained peroxide but it doesn't it just literally makes your highlights brighter. I'm sure you are all aware that highlights can go slightly dull after a while so this just lifts them back up again into their happy sparkle selves ♥

John Frieda products are usually always on offer in Boots or Superdrug so you can usually pick them up on a 2 for £10 offer or £5 each and i think they do retail normally at £5.60 something.

I really am so happy with these products and to know i have re purchased around 4 times really does mean something *tehe*

When i get my highlights/roots done i will take and before and after picture and post a seperate post so you can all see the results :)


  1. oo wow. it sounds very good.
    can you take a piccy of you hair please?
    i want to see a glimse of the results.
    probably buy it :PP

  2. I agree.
    pictures would be great :]

  3. i use these!
    they usually have an offer in ASDA where they are 3 for £10
    but i'm the opposite i go throught the conditioner twice as fast as the shampoo!


  4. Ooo think I need to get this! My highlights have been looking dull recently and could do with a pick me up! P.S. I also have Audrina hair envy!

  5. I actually thought about using this yesterday..
    I dyed my hair brown but its come out black.. Yeah, I know, risky maybe! Hence me chickening out!
    Ive absolutely no idea if it would work or lift the colour in any way, but out of desperation it was considered!!

    I would love to see some pics :)

    I was jammy and picked mine up a few months back when Tescos mixed up the offers, instead of 3 for 2 they were coming up as 3 for £2, so keep your eyes peeled!


  6. Ahh this so makes me want to be blonde again!! :) photos pleeaasee? Oh and do you know of any good colour deepening shampoo/cond for darker hair? Beth xx

  7. What effect do you think this would have on darker hair that isn't highlighted? Anything?

  8. Ooh Nice!I must give these a try!
    Great blog! Just subbed.


  9. Great review! Ill deffo be trying these :) x

  10. I want to see some pictures too! I'm a highlighted natural blonde and I'm also sceptical about these kind of products. But now I really want to buy this haha, great review x


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