Thursday, 1 July 2010

60 Second Post For A 60 Second Product ♥

Elegant Touch Vitamin E Rapid Dry.....

Does exactly what it says on the tin...

Dries Nail Polish In 60 Seconds- I tend to paint my nails at the most inconvenient times i.e before bed so this is a life saver as it literally is touch dry after 60 seconds and doesn't leave any bed sheet marks on my nails..always a plus.

Contains Vitamin E To Condition Nails- Leaves a silky shine on the nails.

Be Warned it is an aerosol can so a lot of product does spray out so make sure you use this in quite a large room or with the window open.


Can be found in any Tesco or pretty much any drugstore!

I ♥ this


  1. I have this and it's a great product! It's great when you get the urge to paint your nails just before you go to bed xx

  2. ooh i might buy this as i'm forever smudging my nails!,X

  3. Thanks for the review :) Adding this to my very long list of things I want to try! xo

  4. Looks so good!!!

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    Cawaii Lover

  5. sounds like a nice product


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