Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Recreating My Aussie BeeHive :)

One morning before work last week i decided i wanted to try something different with my hair, so i thought why not try and re create my Aussie beehive which the gorgeous stylists had kindly created for me at the Aussie Volume Party a few weeks ago.

Thanks to the stylists tips and tricks i was able to come up with this....

It's not perfect however for my first try i don't think i did that bad at all :)

Next time i will definitely go for a bigger beehive but what with it being my first try i didn't want to go toooo Big...especially for work lol!

I also used two Aussie products i was given in my goodie bag after the event.

Aussie Aussome Volume+Conditioning Mousse
Great to add volume whilst blow drying your hair!!
Aussie Texturising+Conditioning Gel Spray
Great for giving the look that "sleek" affect and placing and stray hairs!

I love these products and will be doing a separate full review on them both so keep an eye out for that.

I'm really sorry the pictures are reeeeally bad quality...they were taken quickly on my web cam before i headed off to work..please forgive :)

So what do you think of my beehive?!



  1. I think this hair style suits you beautifully and really frames your face, you should go for it more often ;) You look beautiful! xxx

  2. This hair style looks really pretty :) xx

  3. Love this look on your, wish i had the courage to get a pob style hair cut! So pretty on you :)

    Lu xo

  4. That style really suits you! Love it!

  5. Looks really nice! Very put together, and bet it smelt nice as the Aussie stuff smells amazing.


  6. I really want to try these products now! your hair looks lovely x

  7. can you share your tips on how to create this hair style? thanks x

  8. ur beehive is super cute,lol. I always see commercials for that product & now I can see a little of how it works. :D


  9. love your hair, great post :) x


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