Sunday, 29 August 2010

ViVa Las VeGas ♥

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick note to say that i am off to Las Vegas for a week today to celebrate my 21st birthday which was yesterday, so i will be MIA for a while! I am not taking my laptop with me so you probably wont hear from me until i get back :)

I hope you all have a lovely week and i hope to come back with lots of hauls and stories for you!

So that's it from me chicks!

Speak soon!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Me? A Blondie? Thats right ♥

Hi Everyone ♥

Sorry it has been a while and i haven't posted as much the last few days but i go away to Las Vegas on Sunday so i am getting things organised for that :) Obviously for a girl the first thing to tick off the holiday list is to get your hair done...and that's what i did today! I have wanted gorgeous blonde hair for a very long time now and it has taken a while to get there as some of you may know..but i have done (well Leah my hairdresser did) and i LOVE it! Its the most perfect colour and its exactly what i wanted for my holiday!

Apologies as there are so many pictures but i took lots in different lighting so you can all see the true colour!


The last 3 pictures were taking with a flash!


The last 3 were taken in natural day light with no flash!

The last two are taken with my 8mp webcam :)

There you have it girls...I'm now BLONDIE!!!

Let me know what you think chicks

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

BarryM Nail Paint Swatches!

Since ditching acrylic nails over a year and a half ago i have become more and more into nail varnish. I never used to change the colour of my nail varnish when i had acrylic nails, i just used to go back to my nail salon to get it changed. For me personally i never found nail varnish too interesting when i had acrylics..i think its probably something to do with them not being my own nails so i didn't give them as much love. So when i grew out my own nails i loved being able to change my nail varnish every week or sometimes everyday lol..I'm a very indecisive person!

The one brand i have always loved for nail varnish is BarryM. The range of nail paints is out of this world and they are just so affordable at just £2.95 a pop. The quality of the nail varnish is brilliant and with over 50 shades to choose from you will always find the colour you need.

Over the last year and a half i have gathered quite a collection, ranging from purples to blues so i thought why not share them all with you. Nail varnishes can sometimes look totally different on so here are some swatches for you!

Collection without flash.

Collection with flash.

All swatches are two coats.
66-Matt White


(this was not in the collection picture as i totally forgot i had it)





264-Pink Iridescent

309-Strawberry Ice-Cream

279-Bright Pink

308-Berry Ice-Cream

Limited Edition 028

287-Aqua Blue

295-Pure Turquoise
(My favourite)

294-Cyan Blue-
(Much brighter in real life)


290-Spring Green

244-Hologram Hexagrams I just couldnt get this to photograph well with a swatch im sorry!

Hope you like guys ♥

What is your favourite colour from my collection?

What is your all time favourite BarryM Nail Paint colour?

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Free Models Own Nail Polish At WHSmith

I recently said on Twitter that the WHSmith at my work in Heathrow was selling a selection of Models Own Nail Polish..I was so intrigued i came home and did some research!

This is what i found :)

You can choose from a selection of 20 girly summer reads and receive a free full size bottle of Models Own Nail Polish in the best selling shades..Fuzzy Peach, Jade Stone, Red Alert and Pink Blush!

You’ll find these perfectly polished page turners at selected WHSmith rail and Airport stores while stocks last.


Models Own 50% Facebook Sale.

Models own are trying to reach 10,000 likes on Facebook..they are currently half way!! If they reach 10,000 before August 31st then everyone will get 50% off their products on their website!

All you need to do is click HERE and click the LIKE button!!
Come on girls lets get Models Own to their target of 10, know you all want 50% off :-)

If this is the first time you have heard about Models Own here are two swatches of my favourite pink shades of Models Own Nail Polish!


Monday, 9 August 2010

MAC Viva Glam Gaga And Cyndi Lipglass ♥

I have some exciting news for you all!

Earlier this year i am sure you are all aware that the M.A.C released the Viva Glam Gaga and Viva Glam Cyndi lipsticks...They are now releasing lipglasses in the same shade as the lipsticks!!

I have a sneak peak picture of the Viva Glam Gaga Lipglass..apologies for the quality.

The official launch date is August 9th 2010 in Nordstorm and all other locations September 2nd 2010 and Internationally October 2010

The lipglasses will be available for 6 months!

Hands up who is excited?
I know i definitely am as my 'go to' lipstick at the moment in Viva Glam Gaga!!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Strawberry Carmex

So i recently did a post on the new Mint Carmex..if you haven't read it then you can find it here.

Like i said in the post when the Mint Carmex was released so was Strawberry Carmex however i couldn't seem to find it anywhere!!

So the following day i was contacted by the lovely guys from the PR for Carmex offering to send me the Strawberry Carmex as i couldn't find it in any stores ♥

This is possible my favourite out of all four..Original, Cherry, Mint and Strawberry!

Once again the scent is mixed with the natural medicated scent of Carmex so it doesn't take away the originality of Carmex.
It smells absolutely scrumptious..good enough to eat :)
It almost smells and tastes *hehe* like strawberry bubblegum and i love it! Its great for the summer on the beach or to carry in your hand bag! Also the great thing about this for the summer is that it has SPF 15!

The award winning formula was created in 1937 by Alfred Woelbing, whose family still run the business today!!

Has anyone got their hands on Strawberry Carmex yet? Tell me what you think!!


Vanity Fair-Lady Gaga

I am a massive Lady Gaga fan and i think she looks amazing on the cover of the September issue of Vanity Fair!


Friday, 6 August 2010

Do I Go For The Chop?!?

Hey Girls!

I'm here today to ask you all for thoughts on me getting my hair cut into the Frankie from The Saturdays style!!

I used to have my hair really short and its taken me almost 2 years to grow it so would i be stupid to cut it all off again?

I just love this style so much and i really do love short hair!!

Ahhh what to do girls?

Do i go for the chop again?


Thursday, 5 August 2010

No7 Sun Drenched Bronzer Review!

Now i am not normally at huge No7 fan, i feel a lot of their products are over priced and you can get a similar product from another brand for half the price. So you are all probably wondering why i picked this bronzer up? If you are in the UK then you will know that our drugstore Boots gives out £5 vouchers when you spend over £5 in store. This usually happens for around a couple of weeks every few months. So i spotted i had one in my purse and i thought why not hey..let me give No7 a try. I was instantly drawn to the Limited Edition Summer Collection section which i think most girls normally are when i spotted the perfect matte bronzer!

I think i am right in saying that no girl wants a face full of shimmer especially if you have oily skin, so i am always on the hunt for a gorgeous matte bronzer..and i found it.
In a sleek and classy tortoise shell compact it has 4 different tones which can be used alone for contouring or mixed together with a big fluffy brush for the perfect 'sun drenched' look! The bronzer has such a creamy consistency and lasts all day. I am an NW15-20 so i have fairly pale skin and this bronzer really seems to wake my skin up with a healthy bronzed glow, but don't worry not too much of a glow, its not orange its just perfect!

What No7 Say:
"No.7 Sculpting Bronzer. A blend of ultra fine powders in a soft matte texture so that they blend beautifully across skin for a natural, flattering finish. With complementary tones of honey, caramel & amber sweep the darker shades across the cheekbones to sculpt and define or sweep across all shades for a natural healthy flush of colour. Infused with nourishing pomegranate and passion flower to refresh and help keep skin moisturised. Hypo-allergenic."

This bronzer retails at £13.00 so with my £5 voucher i got it for an amazing price of £8!! Such a bargain for a gorgeous perfect bronzer. There is a slight problem, this was released with the Limited Edition Summer Collection which i believe has now been taken off the shelves..however rumour has it that some Boots are still stocking it :) So you may find yourself hunting for this product but it will be totally worth it in the end!


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

No More Tub?!

I am sure you are all very familiar with the Tub of Sudocrem which would have been lathered over you as a bubby!!

Well no more messy Sudocrem Tub, its now in a tube :)

It is a small tube with only 30ml of product but its a perfect size to throw in your bag!

I love this as throughout the day i do get some dry areas so this is perfect for me to have in my bag at work as it is under the 100ml rule.

Although you get a lot more product for your money with the tub i just see this as a much more hygienic alternative :)


Mint Carmex.

Morning all ♥

I am a huuge Carmex fan.

It is possibly the only lip balm that soothes and relieves my lips when they are dry/chapped.

In all honestly i really couldn't live without Carmex.

So when i spotted this in superdrug the other day i was slightly excited :)

Mint Carmex ♥

Now i am sure most of you are aware that there is also Cherry Carmex and now Mint Carmex has been added. It has quite a strong mint scent, Carmex has a natural mint scent anyway so them both combined together is slightly over powering but not horrible. Quite soothing actually!

Strawberry Carmex is now also available but i cant seem to get my hands on it anywhere!! I'm really excited to try it so when i hunt one down i will for sure do a review!

Who loves Carmex then and is excited about Mint Carmex?


Monday, 2 August 2010

The Pink Cow- Mint Candy

Who fancies having a shower with a shower gel which smells like Mint Humbugs/Murray Mints??


I spotted this little gem whilst mooching around Boots in Westfields! I am automatically drawn to the shower gel section as i have become slightly obsessed with them lol Yep i can admit that!

I like to have a sniff around of all the funky smelling shower gels and this i couldn't walk away without.
Getting an instant whiff of Mint Humbugs i knew this had to be mine!

I guess the name gives it away a bit.

The Pink Cow
Mint Candy

Most mint shower gels i have used in the past are extremely over powering and with sensitive skin they can sometimes 'burn' not literally but you know that feeling right?!

This is such a soft and gentle shower gel with just the right amount of mint fragrance!

Its a real toffee mint smell which you wish you could eat :)

Obviously my boyfriend Ryan had to try it out and he loves it as well!

His exact words were 'I love the way i can use a tiny amount yet it still really lathers up' Bless him lol!

It leaves your skin silky soft and smelling amazing!!

It only costs £2.00 crazy right?!

It also contains no parabens!

Look here for all the other amazing fragrances which are available!
Unfortunately the Mint Candy isn't on the website but I'm sure you will find it in store.

I hope you will all be smelling like mint humbugs like me :) XxX


Sunday, 1 August 2010

NOTD- BarryM Mushroom

Good Morning EveryOne ♥

So i am returning back to work today after my two days off so before i take my nail varnish off i wanted to share it with you!

I was so excited last week when the Boots at my Terminal at work added a BarryM stand so i instantly picked up a nail paint in Mushroom.

Its such a classy gorgeous colour for everyday wear ♥

I love BarryM Nail Paints and i have quite a few so keep an eye out as i plan to swatch all of them for you!

This cost's £2.95 from most superdrugs, boots or even here.

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