Tuesday, 17 August 2010

BarryM Nail Paint Swatches!

Since ditching acrylic nails over a year and a half ago i have become more and more into nail varnish. I never used to change the colour of my nail varnish when i had acrylic nails, i just used to go back to my nail salon to get it changed. For me personally i never found nail varnish too interesting when i had acrylics..i think its probably something to do with them not being my own nails so i didn't give them as much love. So when i grew out my own nails i loved being able to change my nail varnish every week or sometimes everyday lol..I'm a very indecisive person!

The one brand i have always loved for nail varnish is BarryM. The range of nail paints is out of this world and they are just so affordable at just £2.95 a pop. The quality of the nail varnish is brilliant and with over 50 shades to choose from you will always find the colour you need.

Over the last year and a half i have gathered quite a collection, ranging from purples to blues so i thought why not share them all with you. Nail varnishes can sometimes look totally different on so here are some swatches for you!

Collection without flash.

Collection with flash.

All swatches are two coats.
66-Matt White


(this was not in the collection picture as i totally forgot i had it)





264-Pink Iridescent

309-Strawberry Ice-Cream

279-Bright Pink

308-Berry Ice-Cream

Limited Edition 028

287-Aqua Blue

295-Pure Turquoise
(My favourite)

294-Cyan Blue-
(Much brighter in real life)


290-Spring Green

244-Hologram Hexagrams I just couldnt get this to photograph well with a swatch im sorry!

Hope you like guys ♥

What is your favourite colour from my collection?

What is your all time favourite BarryM Nail Paint colour?


  1. Nice collection! Strawberry Ice-Cream would be my favourite :)

    And I love the 'Shocking Pink' shade, although it's not very unique looking unfortunately. I definitely want more!

  2. I love strawberry ice cream, mushroom and coral xx

  3. Love your swatches. I think i'm going to go and get the coral & cyan blue colour they look great on you.

  4. Sooo many swatches, thanks for posting this. x

  5. i love barry m nail polishes! but they stain like a mofo even with base coat...


  6. Love Barry M nailpaints, their amazing considering the
    price you pay for them :)

  7. ooo I just couldn't decide I have nearly the same colours as you in my collection also and I use each and every one! One's I'm enjoying atm are Mushroom and Bright Purple :) becky xo

  8. So many pretty colours, I'm now lusting after grey, the limited edition one and navy x

  9. I'm starting to love their nail polish range <3 Strawberr ice cream - one of my favourites =] x

  10. I love Berry Ice Cream 308 by Barry M, thats my favorite of their shades and it's my staple for summer, love it :)
    But i'm thinking of trying out Cyan Blue 294 after seeing your swatch, looks really nice :)

    Alex xoxo

    PS: Thanks for following my blog :) I follow yours religiously, love it! :)

  11. I have turquoise and its my fave too!

  12. I so so want that Mushroom color.But that berry color looks lovely too.

    Sad I can't get them in the US.

  13. Wow amazing post, that is an awsome collection. xx

  14. Amazing collections, love the LE colour!

  15. Great colours! Thank you for the swatches!
    I love Bright pink


  16. what a lovely collection! I really want to collect ALL of them :P xxxxx

  17. my fav all time shade is coral, always get complements when i wear it

  18. wow amazing collection! my favourite is mint green (:,X

  19. Grey is my fav colour :)

    Sher x


  20. I love Mushroom and Cyan Blue although I am going to head out and buy Navy as it looks lovely and will make a fab autumn colour x

  21. I love the pink and purples. very cute!


  22. I Love BarryM Nail Paints :)
    I Have The Turquoise One! I'm Wearing Right Now :D x

    Please Check Out My Blog, I've Only Just Started Blogging, So Please Help Me Out. :)

  23. hey just wanted to say hi.. i'm your new follower.. amazing blog so glad i stumbled across it!

    will certainly be looking forward to your new posts as i think i have been through all the rest of your blog hehe!

    bit of a beauty addict myself and have sorta started a youtube channel, its amazing how many followers you have! xx
    jen x

  24. I cant wait for a chance to try this line! All the colors are so beautiful!

  25. I like the Navy and Mushroom ones, I have the Turquoise which I like and Pink Iridescent, but I am not too sure of it.

    I don't have a favourite, but I think I may get the Navy when my current one runs out, it doesn't look as nice as yours.


  26. Love coral and navy! :)


  27. Loveeeeeeeeee bright pink and berry ice cream! I have berry ice cream on my nails now :) NEED TO GET GREY!

    I reccommend Mint Green and Blueberry Ice Cream, they are amazing colours too

    Love your blog, following!

    Check out mine; allthingsnails.blogspot.com


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