Friday, 6 August 2010

Do I Go For The Chop?!?

Hey Girls!

I'm here today to ask you all for thoughts on me getting my hair cut into the Frankie from The Saturdays style!!

I used to have my hair really short and its taken me almost 2 years to grow it so would i be stupid to cut it all off again?

I just love this style so much and i really do love short hair!!

Ahhh what to do girls?

Do i go for the chop again?



  1. I think you would really suit it but speaking from personal experience only get the chop if you're sure you wont turn around after a day or two and say you wish you still had your long hair!

  2. I have wanted her haircut for soooooooooo long!!! Think you should go for it! I might :) xoxo

  3. go for it :) its such a nice style :) xxx

  4. I have my hair like this, I got it cut using that first picture of Frankie.
    I'm growing mine out now though cos I miss longer hair haha :P
    But I think it would suit you :) It does need quite a bit of maintaining but its not really that bigger deal :P
    Nic xx

  5. If you really like it and you think it will suit you then you should go for it

  6. I think you should do it, afterall your hair will grow back eventually and it would be really nice for summer :)

  7. I really like it and I think you'll look lovely in it. You should go for it =). X

  8. this would really suit you, but you could make it your own, in terms of length, i think the fringe would look gorgeous, you could have the back longer :)

  9. Go for it! I love her hair and wish I could get mine cut like it but I'm not brave enough and doubt I'll suit it! Lol xx

  10. Such a gorgeous cut and a bit different from the normal bobs etc. If you've been thinking about it for more then two weeks, you should do it or you're always wonder what if. Maybe like Chloe says have the back longer at first just in case you want to grow it out. Look forward to you posting your new style if you have it done.

  11. aww ur brave , ive wanted to cut my hair this short for ages but im sraced, i lovee francies hair its so cute xx

  12. Have you got any pics from when you used to have it?

    It's a lovely cut, and I think it would suit you, from what I can see you don't wear your hair up much (I could be wrong!!) so weigh up the pro's and con's of it before you get snipping.
    If you've had it before you know the in's and out's of the style. I say do it.


  13. It's a gorgeous cut and I agree with everyone else that it would suit you.

    It's always a tough decision to cut your hair when you've had it short before and then grown it out BUT you can grow it out. I had mine short about 3 years ago and have been growing it ever since but I still get the urge to chop it all off again!

    If you've been thinking about it for a while and you still want it done then you totally should :)


  14. Well you know what I think!! LOL

  15. I'm always so stressed out when it comes to haircuts! Haha :/
    I actually think this haircut would really suit you! It's definitely worth a try! Even if you get it all cut off & then start to miss your longer hair, it'll always grow back :)

  16. I think so yeah, if you like it alot then do it! I would if I could. I think i would really suit you to!
    :-) Xxx

  17. Go for it - her hair is amazing and will suit you!!

  18. i think why not? it will grow back soon enough!

  19. Yesss! I think you would look amazing, I loved your hair last year, you look pretty any style my love

    Lu xo


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