Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Me? A Blondie? Thats right ♥

Hi Everyone ♥

Sorry it has been a while and i haven't posted as much the last few days but i go away to Las Vegas on Sunday so i am getting things organised for that :) Obviously for a girl the first thing to tick off the holiday list is to get your hair done...and that's what i did today! I have wanted gorgeous blonde hair for a very long time now and it has taken a while to get there as some of you may know..but i have done (well Leah my hairdresser did) and i LOVE it! Its the most perfect colour and its exactly what i wanted for my holiday!

Apologies as there are so many pictures but i took lots in different lighting so you can all see the true colour!


The last 3 pictures were taking with a flash!


The last 3 were taken in natural day light with no flash!

The last two are taken with my 8mp webcam :)

There you have it girls...I'm now BLONDIE!!!

Let me know what you think chicks


  1. Love the hair!! You look gorgeous!!

    Enjoy Vegas...very jealous!!

    Jen xx

  2. Your new hair looks gorg, I wanna go blonde but I don't have the balls haha. I need my hair done before my hols...hmm what to have done. Have fun in Vegas hun. very jealous xx

  3. Love this colour on you sweetie, you really suit it.
    pretty lady xxx

  4. aww it looks lovely, very unique with the green eyes as well :) becky xo

  5. ohh your hair looks lovely!
    ahh when are you in las vegas til? i'm going to l.a on saturday, then to las vegas for 2 days :) xx

  6. Aww I love it! I'm so jealous your going to Vegas!

    A TV and A Girl

  7. Ahhhh so pretty sweetie pie!! Love it and suits you lots :) xxx

    P.S-Have an AMAZING time in vegas baby! Woop woop!

  8. Pretty hair! Have a fab time in Vegas!

  9. Such a nice colour! :) Ive just been to Vegas - just a warning - its bloomin' HOT! It was 42 degress! Hope you enjoy!

    Daisy x


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