Sunday, 1 August 2010

Notes So Simple!!

Hello Cupcakes!

Hands up who loves taking notes?

Hands up who loves taking notes in THE most gorgeous girlie note pad??


I am obsessed with taking notes and i love it :)

So when my old note pad ran out of space due to all my endless lists of make-up and beauty products i was super excited when i came across this note pad in Paperchase.

How girlie can you get?

Cupcakes, flowers, hearts, Bambi, birds and more flowers!

There is a whole range of different pads, folders, mousse mats, and lots more with this design on and i love it!

For only £6.50 its an amazing bargain so get yourselves down to your nearest Paperchase...

You Know You Want To ♥


  1. It's gorgeous! Im really sad and love stationary, I could spend hours looking at it haha xx

  2. That's so cute! :)

  3. i love everythng from paperchase!!

  4. Oh it's so cute! I love paperchase :)

  5. Gorgeous! I want one like that! (^_^)

  6. I swear I'm addicted to cute stationery like this! Love papaerchase but haven't seen this design yet. Thanks for sharing! I may have to toddle off to my nearest store and get one at some point. You can never have too many notebooks right? xxx

  7. Ha! Me and a friend from work just went brought lots of items for work in that exact same print! Love it so much :) xxx

  8. Ooooh very pretty indeedy!

    I am a REALLY sad Paperchase/ stationary addict! I can wander round for hours looking at all the pretty things! My poor bloke gets bored after precisely 2 minutes lol

  9. That notebook is beyond cute! I love having a girly notepad in my handbag :)

  10. Aw thats really cute! I love Paperchase. I love the title of this post!xx


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