Monday, 2 August 2010

The Pink Cow- Mint Candy

Who fancies having a shower with a shower gel which smells like Mint Humbugs/Murray Mints??


I spotted this little gem whilst mooching around Boots in Westfields! I am automatically drawn to the shower gel section as i have become slightly obsessed with them lol Yep i can admit that!

I like to have a sniff around of all the funky smelling shower gels and this i couldn't walk away without.
Getting an instant whiff of Mint Humbugs i knew this had to be mine!

I guess the name gives it away a bit.

The Pink Cow
Mint Candy

Most mint shower gels i have used in the past are extremely over powering and with sensitive skin they can sometimes 'burn' not literally but you know that feeling right?!

This is such a soft and gentle shower gel with just the right amount of mint fragrance!

Its a real toffee mint smell which you wish you could eat :)

Obviously my boyfriend Ryan had to try it out and he loves it as well!

His exact words were 'I love the way i can use a tiny amount yet it still really lathers up' Bless him lol!

It leaves your skin silky soft and smelling amazing!!

It only costs £2.00 crazy right?!

It also contains no parabens!

Look here for all the other amazing fragrances which are available!
Unfortunately the Mint Candy isn't on the website but I'm sure you will find it in store.

I hope you will all be smelling like mint humbugs like me :) XxX



  1. I kind of just died laughing at the "recycle me and I may come back as a hat" part.. I don't know if it's even actually funny or if I'm just sleep deprived but I loved it haha! This sounds like it smells delicious! xxx

  2. I LOVE this stuff! It smells exactle like Murray Mints, which I love too, and the bottle lasts forever, even though I use loads in the shower every day. x

  3. I've smelt this in boots it's lovely, i ended up going for the vanilla biscuit though and its gorgeous too x

  4. Just looked on the site and I NEED Vanilla Biscuit and Lemon Cheesecake. Vanilla being my favourite scent and cheesecake being my favourite food!
    £2 for 500ml is an absolute steal.

  5. Looks interesting, I'll give it a try

  6. £2! Bargain, definately going to check this brand out!

  7. Mmm toffee mint sounds lovely, I love mint products but like you I find that there are some that are so overpowering. Such a barginous price! x


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