Thursday, 9 September 2010

Sephora&M.A.C Vegas Haul ♥

Hi Everyone.

Its Friday tomorrow eeeee :) I actually have Friday&Saturday off this week!! Very Happy!

So up next for my Las Vegas post's is a Sephora and M.A.C Haul..only a diddy one but all items i love ♥

Sephora was only a short walk away from my hotel, in fact it was opposite at Planet Hollywood..perfecto hey?!

I took two trips to Sephora, first i came away with nothing :( Due to everything i wanted being out of stock. It was a prime location for a Sephora as it was in the middle of the strip so its understandable. So the one of the girls who was helping me said i should head down the The Venetian Hotel as there is one right outside. Obviously i trotted down dragging the boy with me haha he doesn't mind really...we wanted to see The Venetian hotel anyway lol!

Voila..this is what i walked away with ♥
Minus one :( As i started to write this post i realised i missed something out so that will be added at the end!

Urban Decay Naked Palette
I know you have all seen this a million times in the last few weeks so won't say much about it but be sure to keep an eye out for swatches or looks created with the palette!


Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter
Again you have all seen this a fair few times but my pictures really don't do it justice its such a gorgeous highlighter. It doesn't have too much glitter it just gives the most amazing glow!


Dior Show Brow Style
I had heard lots of great reviews about this before i left so it had to be mine. It is a universal brow styler, it is so fine so you can create gorgeous eyebrows or just fill in!


Next up was M.A.C! It was actually a M.A.C Pro located in Caesars Palace Forum Shopping Centre!

M.A.C Cream Colour Base in Pink Shock

M.A.C Lipstick in Of Royalty(cremesheen) from the Fabulous Felines Collection


M.A.C Pink Nouveau ♥ Has needed to be mine for a long long time!! Amazing bright vivid pink

How could i forgot this?!?

Sephora Professional Bronzer/Powder Brush
Something to do with that i have been using it everyday since..i love this brush hence why it is dirty..I'm sorry!

So that's it for now lovelies.

I hope you liked everything i got..whats your favourite item from Sephora? I would love to know!



  1. You got some great stuff, loved reading about what you got. I'm on countdown now till i go. Did you find things a bit cheaper as well?

  2. You got a bunch of amazing things! You are going to LOVEEEE Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter!! I can't imagine my life without it now! It's amazing...I'm also jealous that you were able to get your hands on the naked palette!

  3. That brush looks wonderful!
    I'll have to see if I can find it.

  4. You lucky girl, you got some amazing stuff. Let me know how you get on with the Dior Show Brow Style, i really need the perfect product for my eyebrows as they look almost non existant! x

  5. Lucky you! You really did get some great stuff :)

  6. I think I would have got exactly the same items..!!
    I finally got my hands on the naked palette and I'm obsessed with it...just need the Dior highlighter now and I'll be happy! x


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