Sunday, 17 October 2010

17 Fast Finish Autumn/Winter Nail Polish Swatches!

17 have released 4 new colours to their Fast Finish Nail Polish Line!

The 4 new colours are perfect for the Autumn/Winter.

Without Flash

With Flash

17 Fast Finish- Ruby Gem

17 Fast Finish- Smokey Marble

17 Fast Finish- Tigers Eye

17 Fast Finish- Gemstone

All swatches are with just one coat of the Fast Finish nail polish.

At only £2.99 these are totally bargainlicious!!

Want to buy these colours online? Then just click Here 


  1. Smokey Marble and Gemstone are very pretty! I wish we had 17 in Spain! haha x

  2. I love 17 polishes!! Gemstone is so pretty and perfect for a/w xx

  3. Adoring tigers eye, yum! ♥

  4. I need Ruby Gem and Smokey Marble in my life!!

    Daisy x

  5. lovely pics! am gona get the last two ones now :D

  6. wow I am loving 17 Fast Finish- Smokey Marble, I am usually not a fan of 17 but I really must expore the brand again. I used to use it when I was younger but then drifted to Mac. The new 17 Winter collection is supposed to be lovely! :)
    Amie xxx

  7. I need that Smokey Marble in my life. Off to Boots tomorrow...xx

  8. Those colours ARE perfect for the winter! How is the consistency? Are they easy to apply? :)

  9. i love 17 polishes, they are really good value fo rmoney!

  10. A think a spot of shopping is in order. These look great! x


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