Thursday, 28 October 2010

Carmex Healing Cream ♥

Hands up who doesn't love Carmex Lip Treatment!!

Carmex is literally a life saver when it comes to dry lips and i have already showed it quite a lot of love on my blog before sharing with you mint and strawberry Carmex.

So today i am coming at you with Carmex Healing Cream.

For over 70 years, people have come to love Carmex Lip Treatments. Now Carmex introduces skin care! New Carmex Healing Cream is here to help even the driest, roughest skin!

I just want to point out first that unfortunately i did buy this in the US in Las Vegas so it isn't available in the UK, however for all my UK girls that are interested you can purchase it HERE.

This has been perfect to apply to problem areas such as hands. feet, elbows and knees.

It absorbs fast and doesn't leave a greasy feel :)

It has the exact same great scent of the Carmex Lip Treatments. I know a lot of people will hate that smell but personally i really like it so this has been perfect for me!

I will always ♥ Carmex


  1. LOVE Carmex! Thanks for bringing this to my attention... Might have to stock up when I go to the US next year. x

  2. I like the smell of carmex too, this sounds great :) xo

  3. I am your hand cream twin. :)


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