Thursday, 7 October 2010

Going Nuts For Coconut! Denman Hairbrushes

I was first introduced to Denman hair brushes when i was a teeny tiny little girl. I always remember my mum using the original black and red Denman hair brush on me. I wished i had taken more note when i was little and carried on using Denman hair brushes. However i didn't i strayed off and started using all different types of brushes..some of which weren't a named brand just really cheap rubbish brushes. So i knew the time had come and i desperatly needed a new hair brush.

So off i went to boots and in the back of my mind i knew i really wanted a Denman hairbrush but i wasnt aware they now have scented hair brushes!!

Yep thats right..a coconut fragranced hairbrush..amazing huh?! Since doing a little more research i think there are a few more frangrances around like strawberry shortcake but i am yet to have come across them!

Nearly everyone i am sure loves the scent of coconut right so this is just perfect. I know coconut is more of a summer scent but im sure when you smell this brush you will be happy to use it all year round. Don't worry though its not too over powering and just has a light scent that lasted a good few hours. I am one to brush my hair a couple of times during the day so this works perfect for me. Denman brushes are known to last for years as they are such good quality.

It left my hair exactly how i remember it used to maybe more than 10 years ago..smooth,silky and super soft.

For just under £10 you really cant go wrong!

Have any of you tired Denamn Brushes or even any of the other scents? I would love to know your thoughts.


  1. Great post. i really want this one!!
    I did a post on the strawberry and mini one not long ago :)
    Great brushes!!

  2. I have a non smelling Denman. Like you, my mum used them on me when i was little. These are the best brushes, they don't do damage to your hair like other brushes. Good post!!!

    angela @


  3. sounds great! definatly have to check them out x

  4. It is my only proper brush I have, all the others tear my hair! :)

  5. Awesome!!!! I bet i wont be able to find one here on Oz though :-(

  6. Argh I need this in my life!!! Mmm need to hunt the shops, like BambiBex I'm wondering if we can find this here in Au mmm

  7. wow never heard of a fragrant hairbrush thank you for sharing :) you're the right the smell of coconut is divine!


  8. I use Denman hair brushes too!

    But I didn't know they had scented ones :o

    Anyways love your blog, and please check out mine.. if you like it subscribe :)


  9. Scented hairbrush! What a fab idea!


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