Monday, 11 October 2010

A Little Shout Out ♥ Sharing The Love

So i have a little bit of a different post for you now :)

There is two gorgeous girls which i was lucky enough to meet at the recent Eyeko event who i wanted to introduce you all to! I have been reading their blogs for a long time now and i love them so just wanted to share them with you in case you weren't aware of their blogs!

First up is Claire ♥

It was ridiculously embarrassing that i was soooooo overly excited to meet Claire at the Eyeko event. Claire was unaware of this haha but i did let her know! I have loved Claire's blog for a long time now. I love it as its a more fashion based blog not your usual make up blog. Claire keeps so up to date with all the new trends and shares a passion of mine...handbags. You really need to check out Claire's bag collection..its amazing! Claire is absolutely stunning and really is the nicest girl. So easy to chat to and get along with. I was so super jealous of Claire's gorgeous silky brown hair i am considering going back brunette :) Claire is also a huge fan of accessorise so much so she has her own range of jewellery which she hand makes! There are some beautiful pieces which you should all definitely check out. Claire is in the process of setting up her own website for her range but its not 100% finish yet but i will be sure to update this post with her website when its live! Claire also makes videos on YouTube which i love watching. She is a true natural on the camera!

You can check out Claire's blog here...

Claire's range of jewellery is called Saras-Secret and for the time being whilst her website is being made you can keep up to date with her pieces on Claire's facebook page...

Last but by no means least, Louise ♥

Now i have been following Louise's blog for a really long time however Louise i believe was completely un aware that i was so she couldn't believe it when i told her i had been for ages at the Eyeko event. Louise is seriously the most lovely girl..instantly from having a little chin wag about Louise's wedding i knew she was super lovely and would make anyone smile. She has the type of personality to pick anyone up if they were feeling down! Although i have only met Louise once, from following her blog,watching her amazing YouTube videos and meeting her at the Eyeko event i know she is such a genuine person :) I love Louise's blog 1 because of the way she writes and 2 the great post's! I also loved keeping up to date with her wedding and now bubba post's as Louise is expecting eeeeee very exciting stuff! I totally didn't know Louise made YouTube videos so i sat with a cuppa the other day catching up with them all and they a truly fabulous!

You can check out Louise blog here...

I think both of these girls are amazing and deserve a lot more followers than they already have!

They wont disappoint...i promise



  1. Sophie I kid you not, I just shed a tear, gad zukes im emaotional!

    That is so nice of you. I really was amazed you read mine because yours is super popular and i think of you as one of the Big Bloggers who wouldnt read someone like mine's blog!

    If ever I get to go to another event, I am going to squeeze you to bits!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. thats so sweet, they are both so lovely in real life too!! I follow both of them obviously :) xx

  3. OMG huni...That made me sooooo happy! I actually felt quite emotional reading that! Such lovely, lovely things to say and thank u so much for the links and shout out. What a truly lovely suprise!

    You know I love ya girly :) *hugs* xxxxxx


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