Monday, 11 October 2010

Lush Halloween 2010 Day Of The Dead!

Only just recently have i got more into Lush products! I know, how ridiculously long has it taken for me to jump on this bandwagon. Today i am going to share with you the new Lush Halloween products for 2010 and then in a separate post review the products. The Lush Christmas collection is already out and i have a few products from the collection so keep an eye out for those.

This year’s limited edition Halloween products were inspired by the Mexican celebration for Day of the Dead. It is a Mexican tradition that honors and respects the dead. Lush were so inspired by the idea that this time of year could be filled with love instead of scary creatures, that their products are full of Day of the Dead imagery and ingredients.

Lady Catrina

What Lush say:
Catrinas are based on etchings by Jose Guadalupe Posada. The name means 'elegant' and they are skeletal figures with beautifully extravagant hats, which is why our Lady Catrina soap is made in the shape of a spooky, colourful hat.

£2.95 for 100g


What Lush say:
Calacas are figures of skulls and skeletons adorned with marigolds or foliage. Our tribute to the dead is a trio of skull-shaped jellies that will breathe life into you in a morning.

£2.95 each


What Lush say:
Calavera literally means 'skull' in Spanish. Our Calavera Bath Ballistic is filled with Mexican marigold petals, zesty lime essential oil and an array of brilliant colours to transform your bath into a celebration and summoning of the dead


Who is excited for the Lush Halloween collection?

Have any of you tried the new products yet?


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