Sunday, 17 October 2010

Lush Snow Fairy ♥

Yep! That's right..Lush Snow Fairy is back it town ♥

I missed out a bit last Christmas as i only started using Snow Fairy when i picked up a bottle in the Lush Christmas didn't last me long and then Lush stopped selling it! So i am super happy that it has been released back onto the shelves this month as it means we have a good few months to stock up.

Lush Snow Fairy is a candy floss flavoured shower gel with iridescent sparkles! It smells absolutely amazing, literally like you are showering in bubblegum flavoured candy floss...scrummy!

The Snow Fairy scent became so popular last year that this year Lush have released a few other products with the same scent. One of the new products is a Snow Fairy Lip Tint. It smells exactly the same as the shower gel and is the most amazing bright pink.

Pretty bright hey?! On the lips it is a lot sheerer so is really wearable for everyday use. I love it for a bright hint of colour on the lips and smells/tastes amazing :)

Snow Fairy Shower Gel
£3.25 100g
£5.95 250g
£9.95 500g

Snow Fairy Lip Tint
£3.95 10g

Have any of you tried the new Snow Fairy products?



  1. I only heard about Snow Fairy through YouTube videos in March/April this year so I'm really slow on jumping on this bandwagon! I been waiting to get my hands on some ever since so can't wait for my next visit to Lush to check it out! :)

  2. argghh i ordered from lush the other night and i was going to get these but ended up taking them out of the basket last minute! so regret it! i need these!

  3. Ahhh, i LOVE Snow Fairy! Need to get my hands on another bottle :) xx

  4. Yay! You can tell Christmas is approaching us when LUSH bring this baby out! Love it sooo much :) xx

  5. I stocked up on two of the massive bottles of Snow Fairy. I love smelling like Calpol hehe :)

  6. i need to get myself to lush :) xx

  7. Love snow fairy! Will need to get myself that lip tint! :) xo

  8. Think I need to get snow fairy, the idea of washing in sparkles sounds too good to miss!

  9. i love that gloss you should do a swatch of it just to see :)

  10. I love Snow Fairy - I must be mad but i've made a 100g bottle last me all year - I bought it in the sale and i've still got 1/4 of the bottle left! I think i'll treat myself to a bigger bottle this year so I can use it more often!


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