Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Dove Visible Care&Effects Proucts!

Dove Visible Effects Hand Cream
I recently blogged about the Dove Intensive Cream for Extra Dry Hands which i use at night but today i am coming at you with what i use during the day and at work. Dove Visible Effects is a much lighter cream but still with supreme moisture for visible skin improvement. The formulation of his cream is incredible, its extremely moisturising but when you rub it into the skin is disappears instantly so much so its like you had never rubbed any cream into your hands but leaves them feeling so super soft. It really is crazy, no residue of the product is left on your skin.
Why does Dove Visible Effects give supreme moisturisation to your hands?
It has a breakthrough formula with a patended multi-layer complex that nourishes every layer of your skin, the surface,the middle and deep down where beautiful skin begins. The scent of the cream is totally different to the intensive cream it is a lot more floral, i have to admit i prefer the smell of the intensive cream but i don't dislike the Visible Effects scent.
This hand cream is perfect for the busy women who are on and off tubes, at work, at uni who need a quick fix of softer hands with a fast absorbing cream.

Dove VisibleCare Brightening Cream Body Wash
Who doesn't love shower gels/body washes? I love them so i couldn't wait to try out this Brightening Cream wash. I'm much more of a shower person than i am a bath person. I do love the odd hot bath here and there but showers are my thing, and so is what i shower in. I love to change my shower gel each time i need a new one, there are some i love and do go back to and there are some totally different shower gels which i come across just like this Dove Visible Care Brightening Cream Wash.
How does Dove Visible Care Brightening Cream Wash give you beautiful skin?
Designed to rejuvenate dull skin, this unique formula with Nutrium Moisture contains moisturisers found naturally in skin, building blocks that help to improve skins condition over time.
This is such a creamy body wash something which i have never come across before. It is almost like showering in body butter mmmm. I have very dry sensitive skin so for me to come across such a thick cream shower gel is perfect for. As it is so thick a little goes a long way and you really need to work it with a lot of water as it will stay a thick cream otherwise. The scent of the cream wash is quite fruity/floral very relaxing in the shower. Dove say to use this daily for softer, smoother skin in just 7 days and with continued use skin is visibly more beautiful within 3 weeks. My skin is definitely much more softer and smoother and has a glow after a shower. You can see the cream wash has a glow to the product so this does come off onto your skin which is perfect if you want brighter skin.

Dove Visible Effects Hand Cream £3.49
Dove Visiblecare Brightening Cream Body Wash £3.32

Disclaimer- Products were sent from PR for review but this has not influenced my review in any way. All reviews are my honest personal opinion.



  1. Thanks for the lovely review. these products sure look very nice :)

  2. I am defo gunna try this. Thanx to u I have bought so many amazing products from vaseline to body lotion and body spray, thank you so much xxxx

  3. I love Dove products!!the only ones that dont really work for me are hand creams!!
    Thanks for the review hun!!

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