Thursday, 16 December 2010

Vasenline NEW Lip Thearpy Sticks.

As soon as i heard Vaseline had released a stick form for their famous lip therapy i ran out the next day to buy one. This winter i have sworn by my Vaseline cocoa butter. In all fairness i have used it a lot for dry patches on my face so then wasn't happy using it on my lips as a lip balm however Vaseline must have heard my prayers and released a stick form :) I can now have smooth lips with the cocoa stick and smooth skin with the cocoa butter tin!!

They are available in Original, Rosy Lips, Aloe Vera and Cocoa Butter

Of course i picked up the cocoa butter but also cant wait to try the rosy lips.

These are just so handy to keep in your bag for during the day, or the evening to give your lips a shine and what with snow on its way again we all don't want to suffer with dry lips!!

Head down to your nearest Boots or Superdrug to pick up the new Vaseline Lip Therapy Sticks priced at only £1.99 they are a winter must have.


  1. I looove vaseline but I didn't know they made vaseline sticks. Great :) I need this asap

  2. Wow I need one or two of these in my life! I have been using chapstick like crazy this winter x

  3. I have all the tins, I can't wait to try the rest in this packaging! :)

  4. Awesome idea by Vaseline...i need to get one!
    Great Post!!


  5. Totally buying one of these tomorrow at work! :) Thanks Sophie! :) xx

  6. These sound great. I'm a bit of a gerb-phobe when it comes to lipbalms in pots so very pleased they've started making sticks. The cocoa butter one sounds gorgeous. x

  7. ahh brilliant! am going to town today so will see if I can get my hands on one - one thing I hate about the tins is getting it all over my fingers! xx


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