Thursday, 6 January 2011

Clynol Play With Me Matty!

As you all know in November i went for the chop and cut my hair back into a bob. I wasn't 100% happy with it so recently went to a new salon and got it cut to exactly how i wanted it..i haven't shared any pictures with you yet as i am having a few problems with my web cam but i hope to get those up for you soon.

Clynol Play With Me Matty Texturising Spray was something i knew i needed with my new look as i had a lot more layers cut it but i just couldn't find the perfect product so when i was recently sent this product i couldn't have been more happier. It is now the perfect product for my hair and i don't go a day without using it!

Clynol Play With Me Matty is a texturising spray which is remouldable when still wet so you are able to achieve that desired look to perfection. I have a lot of layers on the top of my hair so this product has been perfect to give me that volume i was after, but without giving me a crisp dry finish it is a light waxy finish that lasts all day! You can use this is wet or dry hair but personally i prefer to use it on dry. I spray it under my layers at the roots and rub together with my fingertips and let it dry to give me the volume then spray a light dusting all over the finish the look!

I love the look of the bottle itself..the purple colour is gorgeous and i really love how different the cover of the spray is which also means you get an even amount of product when spraying. It is the perfect size to keep in your handbag and is perfect for me as it is 100ml which means i can keep it with me at work, i work at the airport and the 100ml restriction applies to staff as well so if i wanted to touch up during the day then i can :)
Last but not least the smell if thus product is sooooo good. It literally smells amazing a mix between fruit,sweets and vanilla mmmmm sounds good right?!

This for me is a little can of joy and works perfectly with my short layered bob. The Clynol Play With Me line has some other amazing products which i cant wait to try.

You can buy Clynol products from CheapSmells HERE and at only £8.25 it is a total bargain!

Have any of you tried any Clynol products? If so whats your favourite?


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  1. Not tried any Clynol styling products, I have used their colouring products in the past though.
    I use Lee Staffords wax spray at the moment so it'd be interesting to compare them.

    Thanks for the review. Look forward to seeing some piccies of the do soon.



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