Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Dannii Minogue Inspired Hairstyle For Australia Day :)

Happy Australia Day!!

Us Aussie Angels were set another challenge last week. A hot hunk delivered a message to me via CD asking me to re-create a look of an Aussie Icon for Australia Day.

Having short hair i straight away knew the look i was going to re-create!

Dannii Minogues famous X-Factor hair :)

I thought i would share with you my attempt at the look and just to clear a few things up hehe!

What do you think?

A lot of you have asked if i have had my haircut as this picture is now my twitter picture but i would just like to clear up that i haven't!! I just love the look so wanted it as my twitter picture. I wish i had the guts to cut my hair like this but unfortunately i don't :( I am however going for a haircut tomorrow but nothing as drastic as this just a trim and a few layers!!

So i hope that is now clear for everyone and that you all like this look

The gorgeous Kelly actually won the competition and you can see her look HERE

Congratulations hunny i hope you had a fabby day with the hot hunks hehe X


  1. Wow - such a good look, I didn't expect it to look that good to be honest! Would you wear it out do you think? xx

  2. i love the pink lips, looks great!

  3. I actually adore this (as you know as I tweeted you about it already) but it is gorgeoussss!
    I'd wear it like that on nights out & things. really changes how your hair looks

  4. Thanks for the mention lovely, I thought your hair looked brilliant!!
    Dannii's hair amazes me all the way through the X Factor and you captured it really well, love the earrings and lippie with it to.


    p.s Aussie hunk was hunky! :)

  5. Looks fab, you did a brilliant job. Wish i would be more adventurous with my hair

  6. Looks really lovely! I love your pink lipstick too :)

  7. <3 the look :)
    Where did yooh get ur earrings?Izzy xx

  8. Hello Sophie!
    I'm Isa, I presented all'Imats.
    How nice to meet you:)

    A kiss!

  9. This this look! Nice and bright!
    I mentioned you on my blog, I picked up some Beautifully Delicious LE bath &showergel!! Whoppee!


  10. I've nominated you for a blog award :D



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