Saturday, 15 January 2011

♥ Glee ♥

I know, I know i am stuuuuupidly late with this one!!

Working late shifts means from 2-10:30pm i see no TV what so ever so its pretty hard trying to keep up with new programmes and new series which i why i have only just discovered Gleeeee!!

I had heard everyone raving on about Glee so i decided to order the first series box set and boy am i glad i did.

I am now a true 'late' Glee fan

I ♥ it so much, i only received the box set in the post on Thursday and i have nearly seen it all already lol

I ♥ Glee


  1. The new series only started on Monday and is available online on 4od :)

  2. Ahhh a fellow Glee lover! Hehe 2nd season just started this week so catch up quickly! :) xxx

  3. Ah I'm a massive Gleek! I love it, the new season has just started on tv too, woo :)

  4. Me too I'm a Gleek :-) I love it.

  5. Am a huge follower of Glee, so glad you like it! Jane Lynch's character is one of my favourites of all time x


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