Thursday, 20 January 2011

NOTD OPI Significant Other Colour + Gel Nail Experience

Yesterday was a happy happy day for me..i finally got my gel overlay taken off my nails.

 I have naturally very strong and healthy nails however a couple of months ago i decided to get a gel overlay put on them so my nail varnish would last longer and have an over all nicer look to my nails.

In the end i really did hatehe gel overlay, whenever i wanted a nail colour change and took off the nail polish with accentone free nail varnish the nail itself become very sticky and almost like the gel hadmelted making it very difficult to apply another colour. Most of the colours i was wearing would almost stick to the nail so were pretty impossible to remove. All in all it became a hot mess and i hated it.

Also it made it extremely difficult for me to do quick swatches for my blog.

So i gave up and got it taken very happy Sophie :) I have normal nails again. It hasn't damaged my nails in anyway and they are still just as strong!!

I am not saying gel nails are something you shouldn't get just from my experience and what i wanted out of them i just wasn't getting :)

A lesson learnt for me though X

Lucky for me a few days previous i had purchased some OPI and China Glaze nail varnishes from Lydia's Blog which arrived the day i got the gel taken off so i couldn't wait to try them out.

I chose OPI Significant Colour

I am aware this is from a collection a few years ago so i am pretty late with it however i really don't own many OPI nail polishes so have never kept up with latest collections but it is something i am now interested in doing,so keep an eye out for more swatches and collection post's from me :)

This is a great colour for me to wear to work as it is not too bright but the duochrome makes such a gorgeous effect you feel as though you are wearing a bright colour.

Who Is Excited For More OPI and China Glaze Swatches From Me?


  1. i had acrylics on for a few months last year cause my nails are really weak and break easily. as nice as they look, it destroys your nails and they grow out so quickly you have to spend loads of money to keep getting them re-done and looking good.
    it took a long time for my nails to start looking okay again. definitely would not recommend it unless your willing to put the time and money into getting them re-done all the time. have you found the gels have ruined your real nails?

  2. @Rachel

    Your right it was so expensive for the up keep when i had perfectly good nails to begin with!

    In all honesty my real nails are 100% fine they are not damaged at all..i expected them to be a little weak at first but they were so strong straight away! A little crazy really when i expected them all just to snap off lol


  3. this colour is so pretty, i want!!
    Def looking forward to more swatches :)

  4. I don't particularly like sheer polishes but oh my I love the duochrome and it looks lovely on your nails. :)

  5. I found this the other day and oooh and ahhhhed at it for a long while. For £10.99 though, I thought I would pass and buy it online.


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