Friday, 7 January 2011

Palmolive Soft&Gentle Be Scentsational ♥

I know deodorants are not something people normally talk about on blogs however it is something we all use everyday and i discovered some great new anti-perspirants the other day and wanted to share them with you!

I am sure you all have heard or even used the Palmolive Soft&Gentle range but they have recently mixed things up a bit with the scents of their deodorants!!


The new scents are fabulously feminine and with the huge range on offer there will definitely be something for everyone.

I picked up...

Almond Milk & Honeysuckle
Lotus & Watermelon
Frozen Coconut & Peach

All three of the scents instantly drew me in and i couldn't wait to try them. To be honest i don't think i have ever used a deodorant that smells of coconut or even watermelon!!

I have to admit i was really excited about the Lotus and Watermelon(really sad that i was excited about a deodorant but come on with scents like this who wouldn't be haha) I love anything that smells like watermelon and this literally is amazing!! All three of them are amazing. I didn't think the scent would be really strong i kind of assumed it would just be a hint but the scent really comes through. The Coconut & Peach and Lotus &Watermelon are very summery so i have been sticking to the Almond Milk & Honeysuckle which is really vanillary and warm perfect for this awful cold weather we have at the moment.

They are available in a spray and also a roll on and are only £1.99

These three scents are only a hand full from the huge range which also includes...

Wild Rose & Vanilla
Passion Flower & Black Orchid
Soft Jasmine & Coco Milk
Linen & Wild Cornflower
Lavender & Patchouli
Verbena & Waterlily

All very mouth watering scents hey?!

Have You Tried The New Palmolive Soft&Gentle Scents?


  1. Oooh never seen these, but some of the scents sound gorgeous! I normally only use natural deodrants, but will definitely check them out in store.


  2. Look so pretty! Will pick some up when I run out of mine :) xx


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