Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks ♥

These are the latest addition to my lipstick collection :)

As much as i love and cherish my M.A.C lipsticks i do love drugstore lipsticks and there are some really gorgeous colours out there.

I have always loved Rimmel lipsticks and i recently picked up three from the new Lasting Finish line.

Left to Right- 006 Pink Blush
004 Indulgence
014 Sweetie

The colour pay off and pigmentation of these lipsticks is amazing. They are also really moisturising on my lips so don't dry them out at all. I love pink lips from pale pink to bright pink so these three are pretty much perfect, a light pink, a rose tone pink and a bright pink.

Pink Blush is pretty matte however Indulgence and Sweetie have a real shine/sparkle/gloss to them which i really love.

Also these lipsticks smell delicious. Just like love heart sweets if you know what they are lol hmmmm they smell good enough to eat to be honest. If you don't like your lipsticks to have any scent then do be careful with these as the scent is quite overpowering but i love it!!

There is 20 shades in the the Lasting Finish line so there should be a colour for everyone.

I'm looking forward to trying some nudes from this line.

For only £4.99 these are amazing drugstore lipsticks.

They can be found at any Superdrug, Boots or Tescos.


  1. They all look so amazing<3, great for only a fiver!xx

  2. incredible value! They look beautiful =) x

  3. WOW! They look amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    Bex XxX


  4. Gorgeous pinks! I love Sweetie, I might have to nip to Boots! :) xx

  5. Loving the pinks - I'm looking forward to you trying some 'nudes' - I may dash in there first! :p xx

  6. Oh wow! These look amazing will be buying a few! X

  7. Gorgeous colours. I have Sweetie and it's one of my favourite lipsticks. x

  8. ooh lovely! I still need to do a makeup look/FOTD with my Sweetie.. i love the lipstick colour so much!


  9. I really like the look of pink blush and indulgence.Will def be checking these out. xx


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