Thursday, 17 March 2011

*Aussie Lusciously Light* Exciting Package ♥

Aussie really never fail to amaze me with there amazing creative ideas for their Aussie Angels.

I was an Aussie Angel for stage 1 and have been lucky enough to be an Angel for stage 2 which is super exciting!!

I know i am pretty late with this post but i had to re-schedule my delivery and received it yesterday :) A Mashooosive box awaited me when i returned home!

I was extremely excited and when i opened the box i found this ♥

A helium balloon attached to a bottle of Lusciously Light Aussie Aussome Volume Conditioner for fine limp hair.

This smells delicious so i cant wait to try it this morning before i head to work!

Also attached to the balloon was a scroll asking if it was my barnet that needed a boost or my body and soul that could do with a spring clean?

So i have to decide if i want a Lusciously Lighter Style or Lusciously Lighter Self??

I shall be going with Lusciously Lighter Self...Who else is with me?!?

Once again Aussie you really are amazing so Thank-You so much to Emma and the team


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  1. That is soo cute.. How do you become an Aussie Angel?


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