Thursday, 10 March 2011

COMING SOON Models Own Smash Up Crackle Nail Polish!

Hands up who loved the BarryM nail effects nail varnish but soon got fed up of the boring black colour??

Yep i did too...i had huge hopes that BarryM would bring out and array of colours but no it never happened!!

Guess what?! Models Own have teamed up with the ultra funky London based nail salon WAH to create the Smash Up collection in 9 Fabulous colours...just what we all wanted!

The amazing cracking nail varnish but in amazing colours.

I am really excited to get my hands on the silver, white and pink!!

Price at just £6 each, Black and Silver will launch exclusively in Boots on April 20th and the other colours will be available online from April at

What Colours Are You Excited About?!

P.s I just wanted to say a big Thank-you to MakeupSavvy for creating some gorgeous free blog headers for her readers to inspired me to change my blog around again...I'm sorry it has been changed around again i just loved the header and really wanted to start using bigger pictures again.

So Thanks again MakeupSavvy I will be leaving a link along the side of my blog for these great headers.


  1. These look cool. I am after the silver and pink :) i used one of fee's headers too, so kind of her :) xx

  2. Barry M are bringing out a pink and blue crackle polish, wrote a post on it yesterday. These Models Own colours all look gorgeous! I want to try the turquoise and silver x

  3. Being honest I was never a fan of the black crackle nail effect, I dont know why, I just wasnt but I think white would look amazing, or maybe pink, so I will definitley be trying these when they come out xxx

  4. The header is looking gorgeous hunny :)
    I love that they do these in colours. I wasn't like 'AHHH I NEED THE BARRY M ONE' but I did buy it at the weekend- yet to use it though, I thought I might as well give it ago, and I do like dark nails

  5. I love the look of these. I fancy the pink, turquoise and white ones. Lets hope that boots do a 3 for 2 offer when these come out. Here's for hoping.

  6. Love all the neon colors in the middle.

    xo Nicole

  7. Wow, such beautiful colours! I definitely want to try some of those! I wasn't too keen on the Barry M Nail Effects, as it's plain black, but these bright colours are perfect for the summer! :) x

  8. Wow they are fab, wish we had them here..... cant wait to see some NOTD :-)
    Love the new blog layout also.

  9. Barry M have just come out with a pink, blue and white instant nail effects :)


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