Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sleek 'Avoir La Peche' Collection & Swatches.

The latest release from Sleek Make-Up is the Avoir La Peche Collection.

Get Peachy Keen!

I had already spotted a picked up the Sugar May Pout Polish in Superdrug in Westfield then the Paraguaya i-Divine slipped through my letter box during the week from the gorgeous girls at Sleek Make-Up. There is also a stunning peach Pan-Tao blush in the collection but unfortunately i don't have my hands on it yet so i will be keeping my eye out for it in Superdrug.

I love the packaging from this has to be my favourite by far from Sleek Make-Up its perfect for the spring and fits with the collection perfectly!

Like i said i already had my hands on the Sleek Make-Up Sugar May Pout Polish so i will share this with you first!

It is a rich creamy peach tone that comes out a sheer coral on the lips!

It looks much much brighter in the picture so please don't be scared off its not bright orange like it looks!

Like all Sleek Make-Up 's Pout Polish, Sugar May is enriched with jojoba, avocado and sweet almond oil as well as having a high SPF15, giving you gorgeous lips which are protected from the sun.

RRP £4.29

This is perfect for your summer holidays in your beech bag! 

Next up in the Sleek Make-Up 'The Paraguaya i-Divine'

This palette contains 12 gorgeous warm browns, cool corals and powdery pinks.

Parfait, Blush, Cameo, Bellini, Redstone, Persimmon

Persian Orange, Peach Gold, Sandstone, Tangelo, Bittersweet, Stone

To be totally honest when i first opened this palette the colours totally drew me in as they are all so stunning but it hit me straight away the colours may not be very wearable for my skin tone.

However once swatched there are some amazing colours which can be used for the eyes and also for the cheeks as a blush. I like to do that with a lot of colours from my Sleek Make-Up palettes especially the Good Girl palette.

'Blush' really stands out to be an amazing blush colour!

Like all Sleek Make-Up i-Divine palettes the colours are amazingly pigmented and creamy.

Sleek Make-Up to cater for all skin tones and i think this palette is definitely one for darker skin tones.

RRP £6.49

This collection release date is the 16th of March so you will be able to get your hands on the collection now.

Sleek Make-Up Never Fail To Disappoint!


  1. I love this palette! Especially Peach Gold eyeshadow... its gorgeous ♥

  2. The Pout Polish looks so pretty. Thanks for all the swatches. x

  3. Oh gosh, I haven't let myself look at any make-up in ages! The pout polish looks perfect! I'm not sure if I'd wear those eyeshadows, I'm too much a neutral eye gal, and I don't think they'd work well on my skintone either. Since when did Sleek have eyeshadow names either?! Impressed! Thanks for the post and swatches, definitely going to get the Pout Polish! xxx

  4. Amazing colors, wish they were available here!

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair

  5. peaches and corals is something I dig into all the time! Hence this would be a must have for me :)

  6. 'Blush' really stands out to be an amazing blush colour!

    That was what I was thinking!!!

    Sooooo gorgeouss :D

  7. This palette looks amzing, gorgeous colours! x

  8. oooh i dint kno there was new pout on the hunt! thans x


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