Monday, 30 May 2011

The Amazing Tangle Teezer ♥

I did it..i decided to finally bite the bullet.

A few weeks ago i bought the Tangle Teezer!

Why oh Why did i wait so long to get it?

I guess it took me a while, as my hair is so short i just assumed i didn't need it.

Well i definitely did and my hair is saying a huge thank-you to me for finally being so kind to it!

I knew i struggled with my hair being rather knotty after i have washed it and towel dried it but as its short it doesn't get knotty on a day to day basis well at least that's what i thought.

I originally loved the Tangle Teezer instantly for helping me brush through my hair when its wet. I don't know how this little genius works but it really is amazing. I now know that i was reallu struggling before and now its effortless!

Its a little naughty i know but i don't tend to brush my hair a lot throughout the day, it really never usually needs it so i just give it a good brush before i go to bed. The Tangle Teezer has now become my main go to brush. It glides through the hair so smooth leaving it feeling amazing and shiny and not pulling at your hair whilst brushing. My hair is in a much happier place right now :) I do loose quite a bit of hair when brushing normally but as the Tangle Teezer glides effortlessly i found it has reduced the amount if hair i would normally loose from brushing.

So if you have short hair and suffer from the odd knottiness(even a word lol I have clearly made that one up) but do suffer with normal brushes pulling, tugging and pulling out your hair then the Tangle Tezzer isn't just for those with gorgeous long locks which get crazily knotted , it is for us shorties tooo ♥

The bright neon pink packaging just makes it too!

You can pick this up from your local Boots, Superdrug or Sally's Supplies for just under £10

£10 well spent id say!

Oh and just quickly i bet your all wondering why the hell did i buy the Morrocan Oil brushes if i am so happy with the Tangle Teezer hey! Well shhhh but they are special brushes and i will reveal all in a blog post soon!

Have you tried the Tangle Teezer yet?

Do you find it works well for short hair too?

Sunday, 29 May 2011

BeautyFlashShop Haul ♥

Hope your all enjoying a lazy Sunday like me :)

I don't normally tend to do 'haul post's' on my blog but today i really did want to as 1. i love the products already and wanted to let you know that i will be reviewing them soon and 2. i wanted to let you know of a great new website i have come across!

I was searching google for find somewhere i could purchase the Moroccan Oil brushes and came up in the google search. I had heard great things about the brushes and this website seemed the only place i could get hem other than amazon.

I was having a nosey round the website and came across the TIGI S Factor range. I had been lusting after the S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer for months and when i saw they had it in a set with the shampoo and conditioner i knew it had to be mine!

However you know the feeling where you really really want something but the website isn't well known and they don't use pay pal? Yeah that... Well i decided to take the plunge and just go with it and see what happened.

Throughout the purchasing process they used a Barclay's Secure paying system so i was much happier at that point.

To my amazement my package arrived the following morning!!

What amazing service.

I don't know if is a well known website and i just wasn't aware but it is a great website for well known brands at a cheaper price.

It also had Free delivery in the UK when you spend over £75...i didn't spend £75 and payed £1 delivery and it came the next day..crazy!

 I just wanted to make you all aware of this great website and to let you know these are now in my favourite products/tools list so will be reviewing them soon for you guys!

Have you used before?
What was the service like?

Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Body Shop - Body Butter Duo

Now who doesn't love The Body Shop Body Butters??

Thought so..

We all do!!!

So who was as excited as me for the release of the Body Butter Duo??

These are twin pots containing two types of moisturiser..I know how amazing!!

One side is a light cream for where skin needs less hydration so perfect for everyday use and the other side is a rich cream for drier areas like elbows and knees.

For someone like me who suffers with really dry skin this is the most perfect product. My body does have some drier areas than others so this one pot does the job.

They smell divine like all The Body Shop Body Butters, i went for vanilla. They are also available in Sweet Pea, Floral Acai and Macadamia.

One thing i will say is i wish there was a wider range of scents. I mean these 4 smell delicious and I understand these have literally only just been released and want to get their feet on the ground but i don't love the scents as much as the original body butters. So hopefully if these do well they will bring out a wider range of more fruity scents.

These are currently on a special price of £10 and will normally retail for £12!

My skin has been left feeling super soft and hydrated. So my horrible dry skin is feeling much happier at the moment :)

Have you tried these amazing new body butters?

The Body Shop - Honey Bronze Make-Up Collection

So on Thursday The Body Shop released their new Honey Bronze Collection and i couldn't wait to get my hands on the Honey Bronze Bronzer.

I love the lightweight two toned packaging and especially the honeycomb design on the bronzer itself. I swear by matte bronzers and this is the perfect one to add to my everyday make-up.

It comes in three shades 01 Light Matte, 02 Fair Matte and 03 Medium Matte. I got shade 03 Medium Matte as its the perfect shade for all over bronze glow and also contouring. Shade 01 and 02 are perfect for lighter skin tones and they would be perfect to use as a blush or highlight for any skin tones.

This bronzer is super smooth and feels so soft on the skin.

The RRP is £13 and you can buy yours Here!

I love this Honey Bronze Collection and cant wait to get my hands on the Shimmering Dry Oil and the Bronzing Gel For The Face!

Have you tried anything from The Body Shop Honey Bronze Make-Up Collection?

Friday, 27 May 2011

Sharing The YouTube Lurrrrve ♥

I have to admit that there came a period where i wasn't really so much into watching YouTube videos. Blogs took over and i took a step back from watching so many YouTube videos, not for any particular reason i mean i still love YouTube videos and always will i just preferred to read blogs for a while.

Then i moved house which meant no TV or Internet for a while so my iPhone 4 became my best friend!

Then i was signed off work with a knee injury which meant no TV or Internet whilst being stuck at home in bed with my knee injury so my iPhone 4 became even more of my best friend and i found myself loving YouTube videos again! I haven't swapped like last time i am back loving both blogging and YouTube.

I wanted to do this post today to share 5 gorgeous YouTube girls that i have been loving over the past few weeks.






Please Please Please go check these gorgeous girls out! I love them all and their videos


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Carolina-Herrera 212 POP!

Carolina-Herrera presents new Limited Editions for Summer 2011 212 POP!

This time of there year is a favourite for me as so many new an amazing perfumes are released for the summer many of which are Limited Edition so you have to snap them up quick.

This has been a favourite of mine for the past month.

The packaging is amazing with the classic 2 in 1 practical bottle which is 60ml.

The scent is extremely fruity with strong notes of grapefruit and orange. It has a slight hint of musks so its a bit more of a grown up girly fruity scent.

Its perfect for the summer as a day scent..perfect for festivals!

The bright pink packaging just tops it off..perfect to keep in your bag!

This retails for £36 but is currently on offer on the boots Website for £28.80

I'm lucky and get my perfumes cheap at the airport hehe


Monday, 23 May 2011

New Funky Multi-Coloured Storage ♥

Been searching high and low for the perfect storage solution for your make-up collection??

I had been for around a year to be honest and just at the right time when i was moving house i found it.

Yep i did and its Uhmazing ♥ I loves it!

When i was searching i knew exactly what i wanted but never came across it..

Until i took a casual browse in Staples whilst the boy was looking for a new desk for our house lol!

So yeah this amazing multi-coloured goodness is from Staples.

It fits my collection perfectly. The draws are the perfect size and are really long so you can literally fill so much in each draw. You do get wheels with it that you attach to the bottom, i chose not to use them as it fits perfectly between my wardrobe and dressing table so there is no need for me to move it.

So like i said this is from Staples and cost £45

I have had some trouble tracking this down on the Staples website which i am so so sorry about. I'm sure it should be in your local Staples but you can always ring Staples to double check.

I bought mine from This store. I thought it may be helpful for anyone who lives in the area to know exactly which store as they have a regular stock of this storage. It also comes in clear and clear and blue.

Isn't it just perfect and gorgeous?

How sad that i am so excited about my make-up storage haha!

I will soon do a post with what i keep in each draw.


Something Special...

Which Goes By The Name Boots Smooth Skin Plus by iPulse!

I was recently sent this bad boy!!!

How amazing, i really cant wait to start using it and giving you guys my feedback :)

This is the newer version of the Boots Smooth Skin, its now a plus version and is suitable to use on the face. It also has lots more new features but i wont reveal those to you just will have to wait for my full review!

Im off to use this for 6-12 weeks now and i will let you know how it goes!

eeeeek i hope its not too painfull.


Thursday, 19 May 2011

♥ ♥ ♥

I have been moaning and trying to live my life without Internet for a month with my iphone 4 siting by my side. Me being me i totally forgot i have a personal hotspot on my iphone 4 which can be used as a wifi hotspot so here i am and back for good :)

I have been signed off work with a bad knee..damage to the cartilage so i have plenty of time to catch up with 1 million and 1 blog posts i have to do!

I do apologise if over the next couple of weeks your dashboards are full of post's from me but there is just so much i want to share with you!

Also if you would like to see interior posts of my new house then do let me know.

So here's to me being back ♥
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