Monday, 30 May 2011

The Amazing Tangle Teezer ♥

I did it..i decided to finally bite the bullet.

A few weeks ago i bought the Tangle Teezer!

Why oh Why did i wait so long to get it?

I guess it took me a while, as my hair is so short i just assumed i didn't need it.

Well i definitely did and my hair is saying a huge thank-you to me for finally being so kind to it!

I knew i struggled with my hair being rather knotty after i have washed it and towel dried it but as its short it doesn't get knotty on a day to day basis well at least that's what i thought.

I originally loved the Tangle Teezer instantly for helping me brush through my hair when its wet. I don't know how this little genius works but it really is amazing. I now know that i was reallu struggling before and now its effortless!

Its a little naughty i know but i don't tend to brush my hair a lot throughout the day, it really never usually needs it so i just give it a good brush before i go to bed. The Tangle Teezer has now become my main go to brush. It glides through the hair so smooth leaving it feeling amazing and shiny and not pulling at your hair whilst brushing. My hair is in a much happier place right now :) I do loose quite a bit of hair when brushing normally but as the Tangle Teezer glides effortlessly i found it has reduced the amount if hair i would normally loose from brushing.

So if you have short hair and suffer from the odd knottiness(even a word lol I have clearly made that one up) but do suffer with normal brushes pulling, tugging and pulling out your hair then the Tangle Tezzer isn't just for those with gorgeous long locks which get crazily knotted , it is for us shorties tooo ♥

The bright neon pink packaging just makes it too!

You can pick this up from your local Boots, Superdrug or Sally's Supplies for just under £10

£10 well spent id say!

Oh and just quickly i bet your all wondering why the hell did i buy the Morrocan Oil brushes if i am so happy with the Tangle Teezer hey! Well shhhh but they are special brushes and i will reveal all in a blog post soon!

Have you tried the Tangle Teezer yet?

Do you find it works well for short hair too?


  1. I'm really tempted to get one! Everyone says that it's really good and I get very tangly hair :( xx

  2. I really need to get one of these. My hair is so tangly after it's washed x

  3. I hated mine at first, but now love it! I'm really really tempted to get the new tangerine one though!

  4. I still haven't got one either, i need it really as i rarely brush my hair and its soo tangly, sometimes it starts to stick together i swear! lol! xx

  5. I never believed they would work until I borrowed Paula's in London that weekend - I went and bought this pink one straight after and now I don't even bother with an actual hairbrush I just use this all the time. I love it!xxx

  6. I need this, my hair gets so knotty and it's so horrible hearing it rip when I brush it!xx

  7. I'm so curious about this product. I know it works but I'm intrigued by how it looks like a normal brush to me.
    I might try it as I loose a lot of hair through brushing.

  8. Even more curious to try this now after your review!
    I should make a mental note to buy one soon!

    :) x


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