Sunday, 29 May 2011

BeautyFlashShop Haul ♥

Hope your all enjoying a lazy Sunday like me :)

I don't normally tend to do 'haul post's' on my blog but today i really did want to as 1. i love the products already and wanted to let you know that i will be reviewing them soon and 2. i wanted to let you know of a great new website i have come across!

I was searching google for find somewhere i could purchase the Moroccan Oil brushes and came up in the google search. I had heard great things about the brushes and this website seemed the only place i could get hem other than amazon.

I was having a nosey round the website and came across the TIGI S Factor range. I had been lusting after the S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer for months and when i saw they had it in a set with the shampoo and conditioner i knew it had to be mine!

However you know the feeling where you really really want something but the website isn't well known and they don't use pay pal? Yeah that... Well i decided to take the plunge and just go with it and see what happened.

Throughout the purchasing process they used a Barclay's Secure paying system so i was much happier at that point.

To my amazement my package arrived the following morning!!

What amazing service.

I don't know if is a well known website and i just wasn't aware but it is a great website for well known brands at a cheaper price.

It also had Free delivery in the UK when you spend over £75...i didn't spend £75 and payed £1 delivery and it came the next day..crazy!

 I just wanted to make you all aware of this great website and to let you know these are now in my favourite products/tools list so will be reviewing them soon for you guys!

Have you used before?
What was the service like?


  1. i've used it before, i love it!! Those brushes look so good!

  2. Those brushes look great, might have to treat myself! xxx

  3. Niice! I get pretty scared when I buy from unknown companies and they don't take paypal. I'm glad it worked out for you :)

  4. ooo i really want moroccan oil now!!
    im going to have to browse the website some more.

    i would love it if you checked out my new blog,


  5. The brushes are screaming at me to buy them! They look really good (if a brush can look like that!) x


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