Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Body Shop - Body Butter Duo

Now who doesn't love The Body Shop Body Butters??

Thought so..

We all do!!!

So who was as excited as me for the release of the Body Butter Duo??

These are twin pots containing two types of moisturiser..I know how amazing!!

One side is a light cream for where skin needs less hydration so perfect for everyday use and the other side is a rich cream for drier areas like elbows and knees.

For someone like me who suffers with really dry skin this is the most perfect product. My body does have some drier areas than others so this one pot does the job.

They smell divine like all The Body Shop Body Butters, i went for vanilla. They are also available in Sweet Pea, Floral Acai and Macadamia.

One thing i will say is i wish there was a wider range of scents. I mean these 4 smell delicious and I understand these have literally only just been released and want to get their feet on the ground but i don't love the scents as much as the original body butters. So hopefully if these do well they will bring out a wider range of more fruity scents.

These are currently on a special price of £10 and will normally retail for £12!

My skin has been left feeling super soft and hydrated. So my horrible dry skin is feeling much happier at the moment :)

Have you tried these amazing new body butters?


  1. I thought this was a really good idea when I first heard about it, but I haven't taken a look at it yet, I should! :) It is very practical though!

  2. I love body butters so this looks amazing! What a great idea! x

  3. That's what put me off trying this, the scents. I'd prefer more fruity scents :) xxx

  4. Oh wow, what an amazing idea! I really should venture into The Body Shop more than I do, i've forgotten just how much I like their products.

    Much Love,

  5. Will have to have a look at these, they look really good xx


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