Thursday, 26 May 2011

Carolina-Herrera 212 POP!

Carolina-Herrera presents new Limited Editions for Summer 2011 212 POP!

This time of there year is a favourite for me as so many new an amazing perfumes are released for the summer many of which are Limited Edition so you have to snap them up quick.

This has been a favourite of mine for the past month.

The packaging is amazing with the classic 2 in 1 practical bottle which is 60ml.

The scent is extremely fruity with strong notes of grapefruit and orange. It has a slight hint of musks so its a bit more of a grown up girly fruity scent.

Its perfect for the summer as a day scent..perfect for festivals!

The bright pink packaging just tops it off..perfect to keep in your bag!

This retails for £36 but is currently on offer on the boots Website for £28.80

I'm lucky and get my perfumes cheap at the airport hehe


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  1. I can't smell the perfume over the web :) but I love the ad!


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