Monday, 23 May 2011

New Funky Multi-Coloured Storage ♥

Been searching high and low for the perfect storage solution for your make-up collection??

I had been for around a year to be honest and just at the right time when i was moving house i found it.

Yep i did and its Uhmazing ♥ I loves it!

When i was searching i knew exactly what i wanted but never came across it..

Until i took a casual browse in Staples whilst the boy was looking for a new desk for our house lol!

So yeah this amazing multi-coloured goodness is from Staples.

It fits my collection perfectly. The draws are the perfect size and are really long so you can literally fill so much in each draw. You do get wheels with it that you attach to the bottom, i chose not to use them as it fits perfectly between my wardrobe and dressing table so there is no need for me to move it.

So like i said this is from Staples and cost £45

I have had some trouble tracking this down on the Staples website which i am so so sorry about. I'm sure it should be in your local Staples but you can always ring Staples to double check.

I bought mine from This store. I thought it may be helpful for anyone who lives in the area to know exactly which store as they have a regular stock of this storage. It also comes in clear and clear and blue.

Isn't it just perfect and gorgeous?

How sad that i am so excited about my make-up storage haha!

I will soon do a post with what i keep in each draw.



  1. that is gorge and must help you be so organised xxxx

  2. Wow, thats gorgeous! Such a pretty statement, I'd have fun for hours organising that! :-)

  3. Ive seen this same organizer in hobby craft, hehe

  4. I want this so badly! It's alot more attractive than my boring one with black case with clear drawers x

  5. What lovely looking srawers you have missy ha. Seriously i think they are lovely xx

  6. i love organising stuff as well and get excited with storage stuff. This is so pretty and will really look retty in any room xx

  7. Oh me oh my it's rainbow-tastic! xxxx

  8. That is amazing! So jealous x


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