Friday, 27 May 2011

Sharing The YouTube Lurrrrve ♥

I have to admit that there came a period where i wasn't really so much into watching YouTube videos. Blogs took over and i took a step back from watching so many YouTube videos, not for any particular reason i mean i still love YouTube videos and always will i just preferred to read blogs for a while.

Then i moved house which meant no TV or Internet for a while so my iPhone 4 became my best friend!

Then i was signed off work with a knee injury which meant no TV or Internet whilst being stuck at home in bed with my knee injury so my iPhone 4 became even more of my best friend and i found myself loving YouTube videos again! I haven't swapped like last time i am back loving both blogging and YouTube.

I wanted to do this post today to share 5 gorgeous YouTube girls that i have been loving over the past few weeks.






Please Please Please go check these gorgeous girls out! I love them all and their videos


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