Thursday, 23 June 2011

First Nail Art NOTD - Bright Black Sparkle Leopard Print Nails ♥

Ok so i have recently had a big obsession with nail may have noticed by the huge influx of NOTD post's haha.

I have mentioned it before but i am currently off work which has meant i can wear lots of different bright and bold nail polish colours which has now sparked an interest in nail art.

I have always been interested in nail art but never thought id be any good at it so seeing as i have lots of time on my hands over the next few weeks i am going to practise practise practise and share my results with you..sound good?

I thought the easiest way for me to start would be a leopard print design.

So i went with a black sparkled multi-coloured design.

Now i am by no means a pro and i am aware this isn't great but i think for my first time i didn't too bad so i am looking forward to trying some other designs.

I used Orly Lemonade as the base coat and all over my nails..

I then used..

Revlon Plum Seduction & Lilac Pastelle
Barry M Spring Green & Pure Turquoise
China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

For the multi coloured spots


Rimmel Black Pearl to outline the dots. Black Pearl is a sparkly black so i thought it was a nice way to add something different.

I thought this look was also a great way to showcase Yellow Nails which are bang on trend at the moment.

I take lots of inspiration for nail art from We Heart It but also from Leanne's Blog..her nail art designs are amazing and pretty special so definitely check her blog out :)

So do you like my first nail art design?


  1. well done hun :-) I love leopard print and its a great way to start, it does get addictive though I love trying different designs :-) x

  2. Hey sophie, you have such a beautiful nails! aw the leopard design is so cute :p

  3. I think that's a really good first attempt. I have yet to try nail art either but I'm sure mine will be no way near as good, I don't think I'll even take photos, haha! Such a nice yellow on it's own too

  4. I love the colors you chose! Thanks for sharing this look!

  5. that looks so good! you made it look so easy! it is so perfect for summer...i need to try this! :)

  6. Oh my goodness, that is so cute and creative! Love it :)

  7. Wow! Love it! Super original and pretty (:

  8. Great first attempt! :D
    Be warned, it is quite addictive haha Xx

  9. Love your nails! Loved the dotty design, very bright and happy!

    Amy x

  10. super pretty! you did great for your first nail art! :) x

  11. I love this look, and you did a great job!! I really wanna try this out! x


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