Thursday, 16 June 2011

Nails Inc For Fabulous Magazing ♥ Want Skittles Nails?

Another great deal from Nails Inc this month. They seem to be popping up everywhere don't they?!

They have teamed up with News of the Worlds Fabulous Magazine to offer readers two free Nails Inc polishes just by collecting three tokens!

I was lucky enough to receive these in the post this morning to show you all whats on offer :)

I love they way they are packaged in this gorgeous box!

The two exclusive shades are called Atomic and OMP! (Oh My Pink)

Also love that the names are on the front of the polish :)

OMP! (Oh My Pink)


As you can see the colours are stunning! Such bright vivid colours perfect for the summer!

To me i now have nails that look like sweets hehe skittles to be exact!

These polishes are amazing opaque could easily get away with one coat but i did choose to use two coats.

I have no top coat on so you can see how bright and shiny the colours are.

Perfect summer dresses/Maxi dresses!

So what do you need to do?

Starting from this Sunday 19th of June you collect three differently numbered tokens which will be available for four weeks. You then take them along to any participating Tesco Extra or Tesco Supermarket to pick up your freebies from July 3-11.

Excited? Are you going to grab your freebies?


  1. Awh Soph, I'm just doing my nails in this too but found your blog post just now. I've painted my nails exactly like yours and I also thought of Skittles. Now I don't know about writing my review now because people are going to think I copied you >.<

  2. Just wondering if Atomic is the same colour as Candy Orange, the one free with last month's Instyle magazine? I don't want to collect the tokens if they're the same colour because they look very similar!

  3. Gorgeous colours!!

    Love the orange xox

  4. Great colours. I'll definitely try and get hold of them. xxxxxx

  5. at least this kind of skeetles wont go straight to my thighs!

  6. That pink colour is gorgeous! xo


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