Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Revlon Spring/Summer 2011 Collection - Blue Lagoon & Sunshine Sparkle Nail Enamel

I think today was the perfect day to crack open these 2 gorgeous nail enamel colours from the new Revlon Spring Summer Collection!

I don't know about where you were but London today was glorious and i loved showcasing these perfectly scrumptious summer colours to the world.

I believe the Revlon Spring/Summer collection which includes these 2 gorgeous nail enamels and a Super Lustrous Lip Balm which i will do a separate review on soon were released a good couple of weeks ago now.

I recently got my hands on the collection and just couldn't wait to try the nail enamels.

At my first initial glimpse i must admit they did just look like a basic normal blue and yellow pastel colour, which was huge last summer and I'm sure it will be this summer too...

However i looked closer and you guys should to as these are pretty special.

Not only are they an amazing blue and yellow pastel they have a shimmer/sparkle to them. I do love pastel colours but find sometimes on the nails they can look a bit flat so these are perfect.

I couldn't get the true colour to pick up in the picture but you can definitely see the shimmer/sparkle in the blue bottle in the picture!

Really pretty hey?

Something a little different for pastel colours..perfect to showcase at a festival this summer. Being bang on trend with colour but adding a shimmer which any girl wouldn't love!

The colour is so true to the bottle only needing 2 coats.

These are currently on a 2 for £8 offer in Boots which is a total bargain as they retail at £6.29 for one bottle.

Keep an eye out for my review on the Super Lustrous Lip Balm..its pretty stunning too.

Have you tried anything from the Revlon Spring/Summer 2011 Collection?



  1. Love the colours, they look fab together too :-) x

  2. I love those colours, totally checking out the yellow tomorrow! Great post :-) xxx

  3. I love both colours - I have Blue Lagoon but it is just a nightmare for me! So streaky and bubbles really easily, never properly dries and has an awful uneven finish. Really sad about that as it's quite expensive and I like Revlon and also the bottle colour is amazing! It looks lovely on your nails though :) xx

  4. the colours are gorgeous!

  5. the blue looks like such a nice colour.


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