Friday, 10 June 2011

Rimmel London 'Peppermint' vs China Glaze 'For Audrey'

Yesterday i posted about a the new Nail polish colours from Rimmel London

The lovely Amy from left a comment on my post wondering how similar Rimmel London's Peppermint would be to China Glaze For Audrey!

So i got straight on it and have a comparison post for you today!

Thank-you Amy for your comment :)

In the bottle you can clearly see that 'Peppermint' is much lighter than 'For Audrey'

In the swatch above i thought i would show you the 2 bottles next to each other with 'Peppermint' on my nails!

Then in the swatch above i still have 'Peppermint' on my nails but as you can see it looks identical to 'For Audrey'

In all honesty if you have been lusting after China Glaze 'For Audrey' but cant get your hands on it or don't want to pay the price for China Glaze then Rimmel London 'Peppermint' is 100% for you.

For £4.49 and only ever so slightly lighter i think its a great dupe!!

What do you think?


  1. Ooo I love a good old highstreet dupe this one is great. Do you have any other dupes in your collection or have any suggestions?

    Much Love,

  2. Omg, you read my mind, I've spent the last couple days looking for a dupe! Didn't come across this one though! Will definitely pick it up now!

  3. i dont like my for audrey one but i love the peppermint by rimmel :)

  4. 'For Audrey' has been on my wishlist for ever. One of my fave nail polishes is Barry M turquoise, and although that's never struck me as a Tiffany blue, in the picture both of these polishes look very similar to Turquoise. :) x


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