Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sleek Make-Up Mediterranean Collection ♥

Sleek Make-Up just keep on surprising and keep producing amazing products!!

I love that they are now doing 'Collections' I get super excited for new Collections and seeing as Sleek Make-Up are so reasonably priced it makes it even more exciting to pick up new Limited Edition Collections.

The newest from Sleek Make-Up is The Mediterranean Collection which i was lucky enough to get my hands on yesterday morning!

How gorgeous is the packaging?!

Notice anything different?

The blush packaging actually has the design printed on the actual packaging itself. I think its a great way of showing that these are Limited Edition Collection products and keep them different from the key products.

The i-Divine palette comes in the usual box packaging however unlike the blush it doesn't have the picture printed on it is the basic black packaging but has the name of the collection printed on the bottom which is again a really nice touch!


I bet that's what your thinking because that's what i certainly did when i first opened the products.

What amazing colours!

Lets get onto the swatches so you can see the true gorgeous colours.

First up is the blush in 'Santorini'

Don't be scared or put off!

I have obviously done quite a heavy swatch so the colour does look really very bright and scary. Even from that swatch you can see how well it does actually blend. With a light hand and a lot of blending this is surely an eye popping pink blush. Perfect for tanned skin and darker skin tones. It is a very blue toned pink so if you have fair skin and want to try this blush definitely do just remember to blend blend blend and you will have the perfect flush in Santorini Blush! 

Next up is the Monaco i-Divine Palette.

12 piece eyeshadow palette is jam packed with brights and sultry colours to brighten up your summer make-up!

How pigmented are those colours?

A real Mediterranean mix of burnt orange, bright blues and greens with a mix of neutrals and a pop of reds and pinks.

Is this not the most perfect i-Divine palette? Perfect for your holidays.

I love the mix of matte and shimmer eyeshadows!

My favourite colours have to be Sand Walker, Kiwi Zest, Sunset, Lotus Flower and Moors Treasure.

They are super creamy and so easy to apply.

The Mediterranean Collection launched yesterday the 8th of June but its just for a limited time only so hurry down now to your nearest Superdrug.

The collection also includes a Monte Carlo Pout Polish which looks just as amazing so i cant wait to pick that up in store.

Moncao i-Divine £6.49

Santorinni Blush £4.29

Monte Carlo Pout Polish £4.29

The collection will also be available online at

Have you managed to get your hands on The Mediterranean Collection already & do you love it?


  1. NEED that blush! absolutely love it!

  2. I love Sleek's collections. Those eyeshadows look stunning, as does the blush! They will be perfect for summer! :)

  3. I'll be getting it as soon as I make it to nearest Superdrug! :)

  4. I got the blush today, need to tan before I use it I think so I don't look like a clown but I agree, it's gorgeous!!


  5. They look gorgeous! I think I might have to try and get these. I don't think there's one colour I don't like in that palette x

  6. Well, I'm Greek, so the Mediterranean might be close at hand, but Sleek isn't. They look beautiful :)

  7. Love the swatches, Me too i get well excited when sleek launch new & limited edition products.

    definately going to get the pout polish!!

  8. I love the colour of that blush, Ive been looking for something like that for ages!


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