Sunday, 10 July 2011

All Time Favourite & Most Repurchased Perfumes ♥

If you have been following my blog for a while then you will know that i love love love perfume and have a pretty big collection.

Although i love so many different perfumes and am always on the look out for my next fragrance there are a few in my collection that i  adore and will always repurchase...

So i thought i would share those ones with you today!

Calvin Klein CK IN 2 U

This is my second 100ml of this bottle and i totally adore it. My collection will 100% not be without a bottle of this in it. Its such a unique fragrance and is totally different to all my others. Its really light and musky but slightly floral. Its one of the hardest fragrance's to describe although i struggle with most fragrance's but this is defo one you need to go and check out!!

Paul Smith Summer Rose

I have spoken about this fragrance before as its one of my all time favourites. I have a back up bottle as this is a summer limited edition fragrance but once i run out i will hunt this down like crazy!! I love it its a really simple fruity fragrance but it lasts allll day. Whenever i wear this i get sooo many compliments. Its such a summer fragrance but i have been known to wear it through the winter too as its just stunning.

Juicy Couture

I think one of their most classic fragrances. I am nearly out of this bottle and will be re-purchasing when i have finished. This gorgeous bottle and perfume need to always remain in my collection. Again another really difficult fragrance to describe but its slightly musky but fruity at the same time, it has top notes of watermelon, pink passion fruit and green apple. Doesn't that just sell it to you?

Mariah Carey M

A perfume that i think goes very much un-noticed but really shouldn't!! I swear by this perfume in the winter. Such an unusual musky warm scent. Quite over powering but a nice over powering. I think of this as my glamorous winter scent. Its quite woody and spicy which makes it really sexy. In a beautiful butterfly bottle and for only around £20 its a must have so please please check it out.

Miss Dior Cherie
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Huge classic perfumes which should at some point have a spot in your perfume collection. Nuff said :)

Britney Spears Fantasy

Who doesn't love Britney Spears Fantasy??? Exactly! A really girly vanilla fruity scent which again will always be in my collection. Described as the scent of a cupcake....yeah if you hadn't had a whiff of this perfume i bet you do now and i bet you will buy it ;)

Burberry Original

A strong vanilla scent. Really reminds me of my childhood as i have had a bottle of this since i was around 13. Light enough to be worn day or night summer or winter. Another total classic and perfect as a handbag fragrance. Its such an easy fragrance to just top up throughout the day giving a stunning woody vanilla scent.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

My current bottle of this is the latest summer version. I will always no doubt have any version of this in my collection i love them all. A slightly more expensive and stronger perfume but one you will always remember and will always get noticed.

I'm sorry i am so rubbish at describing scents but these are my top perfumes that i recommend you check out.

Let me know if you end up getting any or if you love any of them already!


  1. I love Chanel coco mademoiselle!

  2. Yay I have quite a few of the ones you've named above. What a lovely collection x

  3. I love Juicy Couture but I think my all time favourite is Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf!

  4. Absolutely adore Britney Spears Fantasy and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, they are amongst my favourites.

  5. Love Miss Dior Cherie- such a girly lovely scent. And Soap & Glory products smell just like it! Also love Flowerbomb.

    I'm going to buy the Britney Spears perfume- I smelt it on a friend once and loved it. You've just reminded me to buy it!x

  6. Oooh lovely! I've ran out of Britney Spears Fantasy, must re-buy :) x

  7. So Thats why I love Britney Spears Fantasy so much its a must have!! Love this post I really wan't to go on a perfume smelling hunt round Debhanems now! xx

  8. I love both CKIN2U and Paul Smith Rose Sumnmer (have just recently managed to get my hands on a bottle from eBay!) x


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