Friday, 15 July 2011

Bargain Alert ♥ Garnier Body Tonic Sugar Scrub!

I have already done a post about this Garnier Sugar Scrub HERE

It is my all time favourite body scrub so i had to tell you all that Savers have this on offer for only £2.99!!

This normally retails at around £8.00 so for £2.99 it is an absolute bargain! So much so i stocked up on 4 bottles i couldn't resist.

Also just to let you all know these pictures have been taken with my new camera...what do ya think?

I will be doing a post on the new camera soon but i hope you have noticed a difference in the quality of my pictures



  1. The picture quality is FAB :)
    I love the sugar scrub. Best get my backside to savers!

  2. I wish i could try this! I haven't seen this in the States

  3. This looks amaze! Dont think ive ever seen this, but i do love a good scrub! What does it smell of hun?! The packaging makes me think that it would smell of lemons! haha fab post sweetie xxxx

  4. I absolutely love the sugar scrub - was bought it by my Mum as a gift a while back and it's the best body exfoliator/polish I've ever used! Smells gorgeous & makes my skin so soft :)

    What a great bargain price as well!

    xxx Kat


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