Friday, 22 July 2011

Models Own Nail Polish Swatches ♥ Picture Heavy ♥

I love Models Own Nail Polish and own a fair few so thought i would share them with you today.

I will be putting  LOVE next to my favourites out of my collection as i love a lot.

Just quickly as i get asked a lot...i don't wear false/acrylic nails they are all natural. They have been cut a lot shorter now so don't look as fake as they did before even though they weren't fake..if you get what i am trying to say :/

Lets get on with the swatches.

Pastel Pink... LOVE

Buff Pink

Lilac Dream...LOVE

Lemon Meringue

Beths Blue...LOVE

Jade Stone..LOVE

Nude Beige

Fuzzy Peach

Top Turquoise...LOVE

Purple Poppy...LOVE


Sophie's Pink

Raspberry Crush

Purple Grey

Apologies that some of the swatches are not perfect and neat swatching 14 nail polishes is hard work haha

So there you have it my Models Own collection and swatches.

Whats your favourite colour?

Any other colours you recommend?


  1. Aaaa I want your collection ! Jade stone is my favourite ! xx

  2. Pastel Pink and Bubblegum look stunning! :)

  3. Bubblegum is one of my faves as is Blooboo its gorgeous

  4. I only own the silver shatter by models own I am planning on getting some next week though, thanks for doing this now I have some idea of what I want :)

    shel xx

  5. Oh my god I need so many of these!
    They look so much more gorgeous on the nails :) xx

  6. You have so many of these! Can't say I've ever tried a Models Own polish but I may have to now!
    I love Buff Pink & Beth's Blue - not a colour I've ever tried!

    I've just started to follow you.
    Please have a look at my blog - follow if you like?
    Thank you.
    R x

  7. Jade stone, Purple poppy, Beth's Blue and Lemon Meringue are my favourite's :) I've never purchased any Model's Own polishes but defo will look out for them now xoxo

  8. heeeyyy, you're making us jealous here!
    the first pink and fuzzy peach are my favorite :)

  9. They are gorgeous, but how many bottles of nail polish remover did you have to use?! That's dedication! xx

  10. I agree with OohLaLashes! Must of been hard work to get off? I find some of the colours difficult to remove, especially Bubblegum!

    My fav is Utopia defo give that a try xx

  11. im debating whether to get bubblegum and sophies pink! is there much difference? is sophies pink still neno? or is it worth just getting both? sorry for 21 q :( please get back to me :)xxx


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