Saturday, 23 July 2011

Ops! Varnish Clean Up - Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique

Seeing as i am on a real nail polish kick at the moment i was really pleased when i came across this

Ops! Varnish Clean Up

I instantly knew it would be a life saver!!

I can't paint my nails and have them all messy they have to be perfect so when i do make a mistake it is slightly hard to clean it up..

Not now i have this little wonder.

This is a specially formulated fluid (nail polish remover) with its customised slender brush for cleaning up any mistakes.
So yeah OK this just is technically nail polish remover but with such a thin brush it does really do the job.
It can be used to remove mistakes, clean up your manicure line or even to make purpose smudges.
All you need to do is brush the area and then clean off the brush with a tissue and re-dip into the bottle.

It is a little pricey at £4.99 when this is clearly just nail polish remover but i do really like it.

You can get this from Superdrug Here and the rest of the Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Range.

What do you reckon? Would this help you out and be a life saver?


  1. Oooh i might have to get one of these baby's, I always make such a mess of my nails :-)

  2. It is actually pretty handy! Mainly for travel (for me at least). I use use a q-tip to remove any mistakes, but again this is very convenient. I would probably buy it!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. oops, didn't mean to write use twice. ***

  4. when i finished a bottle of clear polish i cleaned it out and filled it with nail polish remover.. does the same thing but free! when you run out of this just top it up with whatever you usually use :) x


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