Thursday, 7 July 2011

Urban Decay 'De Slick' ♥

Suffer with oily skin and your make-up sliding off your face in the summer?

Well this little bottle of cooling mist is here to save your day!

This is an Oil Control Make-up Setting Spray so it can be used to help battle oily skin throughout the day and also to hold your make-up in place, and of course it can be used for both however if you are like me and don't have oily skin this is great to keep your make-up in perfect place all day long.

Don't you just love the packaging?!

De Slick Make-up Setting Spray uses an innovative oil control system that both absorbs excess sebum and controls surface shine.

This is a weightless mist that you spritz just before you apply your foundation and then again after your make-up is complete.

This is said to keep your make-up in place all day long and always looks like you just put it on even through moisture, wind and heat.

Like i briefly mentioned earlier i don't suffer from oily skin i have very dry skin but i do find my make-up doesn't last as long as i wish. Throughout my day at work i never touch up my make-up there just really isn't the time so for 10 hours i need my make-up to stay and this really does help.

It has also been great over the past few weeks in the UK as the weather has been really lovely and hot my make-up hasn't melted off :)

It is also great to keep in your handbag for on the go in the summer months when travelling as it is also a cooling agent for the skin that chills make-up so your skin feels so fresh.

It comes in a 118ml bottle and is oil and paraben free.

RRP £19 from Debenhams.

This is very similar to Urban Decay All Nighter but being the fickle person i am i preferred the packaging of this and the fact it battles two problems in one.

Have you ever tried this or another make-up setting spray?



  1. ooooh i have a bottle of the all night spray ( i think it's called) by UD which i LOVE! Might have to invest in this one aswell :) xx

  2. I hear this is a gem, but then I also hear from Fleur De Force that it's the same as the All Nighter which in turn I have heard is awful.

  3. quite like the idea of this actually! might give it a go when i run out of fix+ :) x

  4. Have you ever tried the Skindanavia sprays? I think they're the same company that make UD's but they have loads of other formulations too, I am thinking about trying them myself, do they really help to keep make up in place?

    Much Love,

  5. ooh sounds interesting! might just give this a go!

    Andrea :)


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