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Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo & Conditioner ♥ Plus Mini Hot Cloth Cleanser Review ♥

I have always had a little soft spot for Liz Earle but purely for the very well known skincare routine which i am sure you all know..the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser! I love the cleanser,tonic and moisturiser so much and i realised i haven't spoken about it much on my blog so stay tuned for a little review at the end.

My love for Liz Earle has ever much grown over the past few weeks and has now turned to me loving the hair care range..Botanical Shine.

I was given this set to try when i recently met Liz Earle at the Flagship Store in London as i suffer with a really sensitive scalp. Liz advised that it would probably change the condition of my scalp and really really help so i was excited to give these a try.

I was given the Shampoo which is for all hair types and the conditioner for Normal hair. The conditioner is also available in Dry and Damaged and Fine to Oily hair types.

Think of the shampoo as a cleanse and polish which is also suited for all skin types.

Like all Liz Earle products they contain natural ingredients.

The shampoo contains natural vitamin e, aloe vera, west African Shea butter, apple and orange extracts.
The conditioner contains meadowfoam oil, blue seakale, Kenyan yangu oil, apple and orange extracts.

The great thing about the shampoo is it is SLS/SLES Free so contains no sodium lauryl. This does tend to mean that the shampoo would struggle to lather up, however Liz took 15 years to get it spot on and create a SLS free shampoo that was able to lather. All you do it work it into your hands before you apply it to your hair so you have already created a lather and voila..perfect!

Both the products are ultra creamy and smell amazing...just like oranges. Such a fresh fruit scent to really wake you up in the morning.

The Shampoo is slightly more jelly like to the normal shampoo and the conditioner is really thick but not perfect as a mask as well..its the perfect consistency to leave in your hair for 2-3 mins to really give a good condition.

I absolutely love both these products..well i think my hair loves them more :) Don't think it has ever been so happy.

I wash my hair every other day and wash it twice then condition once..i am nearly out of the shampoo but i would say it lasts at least a month. Conditioners always last me a lot longer.

The packaging is great in easy squeeze tubes of 200ml and i love having them siting in my shower.

They leave my hair so super soft and shiny and has really helped/healed my scalp. I now don't need to worry about my scalp being slightly dry.

Natural shampoo's can often leave your hair tangled and slightly dry. This doesn't at all and i have been so impressed..once i have washed out the shampoo i can instantly feel how soft it makes my hair.

I love the conditioner loooooads and i think next i want to try the one for dry and damaged hair as that generally is my hair type. Don't get me wrong i love the one for normal hair but i think seeing as there are different ones i would like to give a different one a try to see which i prefer :) I am a beauty blogger after all ;)

Overall i think 15 years in the making has made this a very unique amazing shampoo and conditioner set which I'm sure a lot of you will adore.

It is priced at £7.65 for each product which may seem a lot but for a SLS free brilliant product its worth every penny and come on it is Liz Earle after all!!

This was a PR sample however i will 100% be re-purchasing for a long time!

Have you tried and loved the Botanical Shine Range?

Like i said earlier i would quickly share with you the Liz Earle skincare routine which i use and adore.

I don't want to bore you with a huuuge review as near enough all of you will know all you need to about the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser as it is pretty popular in the blogging world and in the world in general.

It is basically a thick cream cleanser which you massage onto dry skin, over your eyes, face and neck then rinse off with the muslin cloth which you have had running under hot water. It removes all and i mean all traces of make-up and gently exfoliates at the same time meaning you can totally skin this step in your skincare routine.

It has changed my skincare immensely and has made my skin so clear and as perfect as it can be. I still suffer with the odd blemish but who doesn't? In general this is something i feel i will literally use forever. I have dry skin so as you are gently exfoliating with the muslin cloth it is perfect for my dry skin.

The Skin Tonic smells just like baby powder and really adds a radiance to my skin. Its fresh and really wakes my skin up soothing it at the same time.

The Skin Repair Moisturiser i have is for normal/combination skin types again i love this but would like to give the dry/sensitive moisturiser a try as again i would like to see how they compare and see what my skin prefers.
Like this Skin Tonic it smells like baby powder and intensely moisturises, smooths and protects.

All products mentioned in this post can be found HERE

Do you love the Hot Cloth Cleanser? Do you use this skincare routine?

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  1. The haircare range sounds lovely, I have a seriously sensitive scalp too so this sounds like a 'must try' :) plus its nice to read about something other than her cleanse and polish!

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